I'm not sure how well the topic of this game or its genre goes on these forums, but I was looking for a place to get opinions on parts of it, so I figured this was my best first shot.

A few days ago I did a "legit" so to speak walk through of Katawa Shouja and ended up with Emi. Apparently this is a high probability thing. Anyway, I found her story to be fairly good.

And then I decided to do walk throughs of the others to see their lore/story.

I did Lilly first after Emi, and was quite happy with how her story went.

Then today I did Hanako, who I was really looking forward to. I thought for sure this story would be great. But as it turns out, I felt like the story came to a rather sudden end. Hanako had finally started to open up a bit and then nothing. Anyone else feel a bit perplexed by this? Lilly's story for example went for a while longer after they "confessed" so to speak. There was even a mini movie thing after the credits rolled. As for Hanako, after she finally opened up, it just ended there, leaving no real idea what the characters might have done after that. Atleast with Lilly we got essentially a sure fire answer.