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    Amber-Shaper Un'sok - Only able to interrupt 2 explosions?

    Yesterday we had our first attempts on Amber-Shaper Un'sok Normal and we were having problems with the Mutated Construct only able to interrupt 2 of the Amber Explosions. When the third explosion was cast the Mutated Construct would be sitting just a tiny little bit below the Willpower required for interrupting the explosions. Causing the debuff that increases damage taken on Amber-Shaper to run out before we could stack it.

    How many times are you able to interrupt the Amber Explosion? Excluding P3 where you're allowed to soak the pools.

    Any tips/help would be greatly appreciated!

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    IF you do not want the stacks to run out you'll want to run with a permenant construct tactic. This means that you'll most likely have one tank as a construct the whole time.

    In phase 1 you can keep up the stack on the boss by eating One puddle per construct (two is easier but one is entirely possible).

    The when the boss starts casting his Forth Amber Scalpel DPS him down as much as you can, the next reshape will still be on a tank. This tank will STAY in his construct, he keeps stacks on the boss and tries to keep them on the monstrosity aswell (on HC this is required, on normal it doesnt really matter). The construct will then eat pools the whole time to keep enough willpower. Then dps/healers changed in P2 should interupt the monstrisity aswell as keep stacks on that big orange thing.

    When P3 starts and you haven't dropped stacks you're golden.

    Edit: Since it's normal you can run with Three tanks, or like most guilds on Heroic do, run with two, this means that in Phase 2 when the tank is Flung by the "Fling" mechanic the Monstrosity has a DPS will briefly (3-5~ seconds) be tanking. The tank should taunt as soon as he get's out the stun naturally.
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    You don't need to keep one player in a construct for the whole fight. That would just complicate the normal encounter.
    You just need to have your construct eat one or in worst case two amber pools. That will enable him or her to stay in the construct until the next reshape life happens.
    The tactic that Odeanathus discribed is one that is often used in heroic Amber-Shaper but it's not needed at all on normal.
    The easiest way to deal with the construct is just having him amber strike your primary target (that is Amber-Shaper in p1 and Monstrosity in p2).
    In p2 it's also important to interupt the Amber Explosion cast by the Monstrosity. Amber Strike has a cooldown of 6 seconds, so as long as you stop casting Amber Strike 7 seconds (one more second just to be safe) there should be no problem.

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    Just eat 1 pool if you need additional time to interrupt the boss.

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    On regular, in phase 2 (big yellow dude) when your raid starts getting transformed the first construct has to eat one pool, sometimes 2 to have enough energy to interupt. The next one may or may not depending on how often they press 1 on the boss.

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    1 does not consume willpower. Only 2 does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imaskar View Post
    1 does not consume willpower. Only 2 does.
    Is this true? Does will power degrade slowly throughout the fight or does it go down when you get DPSd? I saw it go down by 2 every second or so and thought it was due to Amber Strike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jearle View Post
    Is this true? Does will power degrade slowly throughout the fight or does it go down when you get DPSd? I saw it go down by 2 every second or so and thought it was due to Amber Strike.
    It degrades slowly, and it is spent by some abilities, which is your self-interrupt and the get-out button. Amber Strike does not consume willpower
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    That makes sense.

    People who have killed him on normal do you try to carry over the stacks on phase 2 from 1 construct to the next? The timing of reshape doesn't seem to make this very easy. We burn the constructs to 20% and then the adds then back on monstrosity but seem to maybe have ~ 6 seconds of dps on the big guy with the buff stacked.

    I have also seen people say to burn the first 2 constructs and ignore the rest, do we need to extend p1 for this to get more pools?
    It doesn't look like we would have enough pools to last the fight but not losing 9mil dmg on most constructs would make big yellow die faster. However im worried that in p3 we would end up all getting reshaped too soon.
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    To be honest, just keep it simple.

    In p1 burn the tanks out asap. They probably don't need to eat a pool and reshape life happens quick enough.

    In p2 have each construct eat ONE pool to make sure they have willpower. At this stage you want both tanks free and the off-tank needs to taunt when fling is cast. This does 2 things:
    - It prevents a dps getting meleed which will prevent deaths
    - It stops the monstrosity running about like a headless chicken making it hard for the contsruct to interupt him. (silly as it sounds not all healer or ranged dps are used to chasing crap around to apply damage :P)
    Don't fret how long it takes to burn the dude down, enrage isn't an issue at all and as long as people don't miss interupts the raid damage is managable. It's when interupts get missed that things go to hell. The monstrosity will lose HP slowly at first and drop like a stone once the debuff stacks. Patience!
    It's probably also important to note that you need to dps the oozes a lot to stop them smacking people, the monstrosity is p much the last prio. Constructs melee swings etc will hurt it enough.

    P3, just dps the boss, don't try to break ppl out of the constructs and once again focus on mechanics. If people don't miss self interupts and hit their 1 key on CD the boss will drop like a stone once his stacks get high.

    I can't stress enough how this is about mechanics. As long as you don't miss interupts or do stupid crap like spam heal the parasite person the boss will fall over minutes before the enrage.

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