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    Heroic Will 10

    (I know there are a lot of Heroic Will topics here lately, and I read them all, but I thought I wouldn't harm anyone if I asked for some feedback about our own raid comp )

    We spent a few hours on this boss yesterday for the first time, but it was mostly pointless. Here is our comp :

    Blood DK
    Prot Warrior

    Holy Paladin
    Resto Shaman (me)

    Shadow Priest (with disc OS)
    Unholy DK
    Boomkin (which be replaced from now on by who-knows, he stops playing and we have nobody to replace him. We'll have to find a pu, probably a mage or a warlock but we can't count on that)
    Survival Hunter
    Fury Warrior (went Prot to offtank the Strength)
    Enhancement Shaman

    We kill the Rages by sets of 4, the sparks are soaked alternately by the hunter and the priest. The Strength and its sparks are handled by the warrior and the Courage by the unholy DK. The DK almost got killed everytime he soaked a spark, so did the warrior, and the Rage were not controlled correctly when there were more than two at the time.

    After a lot of reading tonight, here's what I think we should do :

    - The warrior stays in Fury, the unholy DK takes her place with his blood spec and soaks the strenght's sparks
    - The enh shaman on every courage except the first, with Astral Shift + Shamanistic Rage + Hand of Sacrifice if needed. The prot warrior would soak the first one.

    For the Rage, my idea would be Blood DK - Paladin - Hunter - Priest - Hunter - Hunter with Readiness on the first six spawns, then Hunter-Priest-Hunter for the rest of the fight.

    What do you think ?

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    Can't comment on your whole comp, but: If you're "pooling" 2 sets of rages, isn't the idea that the hunter solo soaks them all?
    We're killing every set of rages once it spawns and rotate 4 people (mostly hunter, monk, hunter, spriest)... so I know a hunter definately can take every 2nd set. (Crouching Tiger reduces Deterrence CD to 1min)

    Edit: Also, Willl HC is not a DPS check, so if you have some geared alts (blue + lfr) to optimize your setup trivializes it a ton. (2 Hunters would allow you to kill every set of sparks as they spawn and alternate soaking infinitely, which takes some unneeded micro-management off the encounter, for example)
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    Pretty much what you are already doing. But I wouldn't cc the rages. Your Fury Warrior can control the rages pretty nicely with aoe slow, shockwave stun, cleave and stuff. Let him permanently on the rages. He will finish them for the moments where a courage spawns with the rages - along with the hunter/shadow whos turn it is.

    Blood DK is prefered for Strength. He can solo them all pretty nicely with AMS/IBF/BS and DPS Gear. Don't really need to worry about him. Your Enhancer should be able to do the Sparks, yes. He can slow the Courages as soon as they spawn and just tunnel them along with your Shadow/Hunter and Boomkin Replacement. His CDs should suffice - and you always have a Safeguard or Ironbark if needed. Take Stam Food and Stam Flask if needed. Just calculate his HP Pool and see if it works for you. Spark = 750k. Rage is ready for every Spark, thats 30% = 525k. You can alternate Astral Shift / Ironbark for every Spark too. Thats another 20% (40%) (little less, as its not additive). So about 460k left worst case. He should reach that number pretty easy with Stam Food/Flask. Just make sure he is topped off. You can also Sacrifice along with Ironbark, which basically guarantees he will survive it.

    Your Blood DK needs to make sure that he is further away from the Courage as your two tanks, so the Courage always targets him - or else your Enhancer will get gibbed by Combo / Can't help out Courages.

    Your Rotation is:

    -- Fight starts --

    2 rages - 0:10 | Main-DK soakes (BS/VB/AMS - safe IB for Boss Spawn)
    1 strength - 0:25 | Off-DK soakes
    2 rages - 0:42 | Prot soakes
    1 courage - 1:00 | Main-DK soakes (BS/AMS/VB)
    1 strength - 1:15 | Off-Dk soakes (He always has AMS ready along with VB/BS - if for some reason he hasn't, use IB)
    2 rages - 1:15 | Hunter soakes

    -- Boss Spawn --

    2 rages - 1:55 | Hunter soaks (Readyness->Deterrance)
    1 strength - 2:10 | Off-DK soakes
    2 rages - 2:27 | Shadow soakes
    1 courage - 2:50 | Enhancer soakes
    1 strength - 3:00 | Off-Dk soakes (He always has AMS ready along with VB/BS - if for some reason he hasn't, use IB)
    2 rages - 3:00 | Hunter soakes
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    Thanks for your input.

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