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    Trying to choose between a couple different graphics cards

    I am going to be buying a new system in a few days and have everything figured out (I think) except for the video card. I am trying to choose between a Radeon 6950 $230, a Radeon 7950 $290, and a nvidia 660 ti $265. My main concern is playing WoW and I would like to choose a cards which fits well with the system I am building. I am also open to new suggestions regarding similar cards if they are able to be bought for under $350. Current build follows. This build while close is also not quite final so suggestions in general are also welcome.

    CPU-Intel i5 3570k
    CPU Cooler- Noctua NH-D14
    MB-Asus p8277-v lga1155
    Ram-Kingston 4x4gb Quad channel 1600mhz
    Case-Cooler Master Elite
    Primary Hard Drive-Crucial 256gb SSD
    Secondary Hard Drive-Western Digital 1tb 7200 rpm
    Power Supply-Corsair Enthusiast 750w
    Monitor-Asus 23" 2ms 1080p LCD
    Optical Drive-Asus 24x Sata DVD-RW

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    The 7950 would be the best deal if you were to choose between those 3, but I'd honestly suggest a 7870 instead.
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    If you mainly play wow then nvidia works better with their engine.
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    Blizzard games tend to work bit better with Nvidia cards, but 660ti is overkill for D3/SC2/WoW.

    6950 is bad idea because it's few years old already at this point, unless you can find really good firesale to get rid of the old crap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toffie View Post
    If you mainly play wow then nvidia works better with their engine.
    I have been looking at many different comparisons of the cards I listed and the 660 ti is looking better and better especially if I plan to try out some other games.

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    I chose the Asus Geforce GTX 660 Ti DirectCU 2 TOP for one of my systems. WoW is a blast with it, but surely overkill (running over 100 fps in ultra mode ). But this card has to last at least 2 years, so I didn't want something that is already out of date...

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    Although $10 over your suggested price, you can pick up a GTX 670 also. I don't know how it compares to a 660 ti, but it's what I ended up buying for my system. I play more demanding games than WoW however
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