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    I see many longer-time players with this mindset, but even many of them acknowledge that nowadays gearing dps is every bit as important as gearing tanks/healers, considering gear checks are just as much about dps checks as they are survivability/healing checks. Gear your tanks or healers so you can bring one or two less healers (or even one-tank), or gear your dps so you don't need to cut healers/tanks.

    sorry, at first i misread your post; i thought you were saying tanks/healers should be geared first. but i guess as-written what i said still applies.
    that's not true though. aside from the fact that there is designated gear for plate healers and tanks which should be used instead of tier-pieces, you can do the whole T14 HC content with badly geared tanks (even ~470 would be enough) and mediocre geared healers (~480+). on the other hand, you're going to have a very hard time if your DDs are geared anything less than 485 at the lowest, for some bosses you need 500+. That's the way it has been for several tiers now, gear in the first few weeks is more efficient on damage dealers. the reasons for that are various. tanks can make do with very little gear, now more than ever, because of the current active mitigation system. with healers, you can usually make the fight a lot easier on them by having capable tanks and more importantly good use of raid cooldowns. but you can't really do anything magical to beat the enrage timer, that's a pure gear check, assuming your dps are playing their classes optimally.
    what is and was way more important than tank and healer gear are the classes. having a disc priest constantly smiting and/or resto druids doing considerable dps with heart of the wild made a huge difference in many boss fights. cutting healers or tanks doesn't really work during progress because you just dont have the gear or the encounter would be tuned very badly (or you're just playing the encounter wrong).

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    I run with

    Blood Dk
    Brew Monk

    Disc/shadow (me)
    Misty Monk

    Frost Dk

    The comp feels really balanced, we have all the buffs and a lot of utility.

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