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    Quote Originally Posted by Abyssion View Post
    why are ppl so slow on this? IF YOU DONT WANT IT, YUO WONT HAVE TO DO IT.. you can still form your own groups / solo geez....
    And I said I wouldn't do it. I'm not saying I'd throw a hissy fit if Blizzard implemented it, I just wouldn't use it. I assume you started this thread looking for actual discussion about your idea, and that kind of response to legitimate criticism isn't going to lead to any kind of productive discourse.

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    it would be far easier to just revamp the older content to be solo-able, which is what I think most people want anyways.

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    29,050 seriously cannot find one other guy for BWL? Or 2 for Ulduar 10 man? You need a LFRaid?

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    I don't really see the point. All of the Burning Crusade raids are pretty much solable now, in Wrath, some are as well. Next expansion I'm sure all raids up to Pandaria will be soloable by any class. I suppose it would be neat at level 70 to say queue for Black Temple as it would be an ice change from dungeons and questing, but it's pretty much pointless and how long would the queue times be? Seems like an awful lot of work and Blizzard knows it. They'd rather focus their time on current content, which makes 100% sense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yjmark View Post
    I'd rather see all older raids scaled up for max level (i.e. just by increasing health and damage of all mobs/bosses) LFR. Then, when you queue in LFR, you get a HUGE list. And have them drop slightly lower ilvl gear than current tier LFR so that it is not in direct competition with new raids.

    Just my opinion.
    This would actually be a good idea, except it'd be nice if they keep the raids as they are instead of dividing it into this 'sperate section' bullshit. Why do they even do that? It's a pain in the ass to wait 40 minutes for the first half, only to have to wait another 40 for the next.

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    Quote Originally Posted by razski View Post
    It's a nice thought, but how long would the queue take to fill the raid, even if it wasn't set to the appropriate level?

    It would have to be unlocked to anyone above the level the raid was intended for to even have a small chance at getting a group together. The only way I could see that happening at all is if it was restricted to 10 man.
    So instead of having 2 tanks for a 25 man, you have 2 tanks for only a 10 man. You think tanks grow in trees?

    Don't answer that.

    It would probably be remotely possible, even so with ridiculous times, if all the servers and regions would share the same queue.

    In related news, OpenRaid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadmanWalking View Post
    Estimated qeue for 'Black Temple' ; 36 days, 4 hours, 3 seconds....
    Pretty much this.

    There won't be enough people willing to run in there on a regular basis. Sure first 2 weeks would be busy, after that... see above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abyssion View Post
    I think it would be fun if you can queue for old raids to find random people to do it with.

    The queue would put you with as many people as necessary. Example.. if you queue as 90, it'll pair you with 1 or two other 90's for like bwl or aq40.

    If you queue Ulduar ( 10 man ) itll put you with 1 or 2 others, if you queue ulduar 25, youll get paired with 7-8 other 90's.. or whatever they feel you can clear safely.

    Obviously you don't have to queue with strangers if you dn't want, but it's a nice OPTION to have for ppl who feel like randomly doing old raids with CRZ with similar interests.

    Want to do Naxx but cant find others and don't want to solo? Itll pair you with people, preferbly different class for balance and loot.

    Since it'll be OPTIONAL, you can't keep saying omg dumb idea, hope they dont do it.. it wont AFFECT YOU in anyways, it'll just bring more options to do old raids.

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    And you can get an option to get paired with 60's 70's who want to twink.. if you choose the option to group with them instead of your lvl people, you get extra rewards for "carrying" them.
    I think this is a horrible idea. I mean, really, queueing for carries? What the heck, why would you even need to Q for stuff you vastly outlevel? A better idea would be to introduce LFR for these raids that's only available when you're at the level to run the raids (MC/BWL/AQ at 60, etc) with 39/24/9 other people.

    That seems like a far better idea than this, which solves a problem that doesn't even exist.

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    I'd rather them provide a weekly old raid quest where you have to go into a raid, do something in particular, and defeat all the bosses. No raid group, 5 or less (most likely that many not needed) and maybe 40 valor rewarded (or something like that).

    They want people to go out and see the world....well....

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    This is something I've wanted for a long time. I think Blizzard said somewhere that they will eventually add LFR to the old raids but they want to focus on the MoP stuff first before they go back and work on older content, something like that. I forget where I seen that but it was before MoP came out.

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    I don't think we really need that. If you cant PUG those Raids get yourself a / Account and find great PUGs crossrealm.

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