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    LFR/LFD Text Message Feature

    I spend a lot of time in LFR, sometimes 45 mins to an hour. And, i do other things while i am patiently waiting... sometimes i get up and walk away from my computer (egads!) and come back a few minutes later only to find out i missed the invite and am now out of the queue. Start all over.

    As a suggestion (and forgive me if this has been discussed before), it would be a GREAT feature if while in LFR you could have an option to send me a text message whenever the raid is ready and my invitation goes out. That way I could get back to my computer and accept the invite before I am timed out (and have to wait another 45 mins).

    Just an idea, but it brings together the mobile WOW app and the actual in-game experience.

    Thanks for listening.

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    I think it's a neat idea.

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    I would love a feature like this, because it seems at least one LFR wing per week I have 20-30 minutes in to a 40-50 minute estimated que, go to get a drink/use the bathroom and come back in 1-2 minutes and notice I've lost my spot. Frustrates me to no end that once I join the que, I pretty much can't get up from the computer for almost an hour because I have no idea when the que is going to pop, and the penalty for missing the que is another 40-60 minute wait.

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    i really hate it when you're in the queue for something, and really have to go to the toilet, so you risk it, come back and it says you have been removed. hate that.
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