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  • None, no interest and/or no gold

    112 74.67%
  • 1-2 pieces so far

    12 8.00%
  • 3-5 pieces so far

    13 8.67%
  • 6-7 pieces so far

    3 2.00%
  • Full set, I'm lucky! (Or had it when relevant)

    11 7.33%
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    In my opinion, T3 is the worst set by a very long margin on nearly every single class and I have no idea why anyone would ever want to spend gold to look so silly.

    The items on my BMAH never get bid on and we're very high pop.
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    IMO The Warrior T3 is only SLIGHTLY better looking then the T7 (25m) ... Definitely not something worth spending 10's of thousands of gold on (Considering 25m Naxx is pretty much Soloable now, some bosses may require a friend).

    Kudos however to anyone who has received most or all of their set! Not only would that require a ton of gold but more-so the patience and discipline to check the BMAH every day and sit there bidding to the last second on each piece.

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    i was saving / planning on getting the naxx 40 set. but i lost interest ever since i got my challenge mode gold set.

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    Missing Gloves, Head and Shoulder on Dreadnaught (Warrior)set and Bracer, Belt and Boots on Redemption (Paladin)set. Usually getting my parts for minimum bid on my realm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sibut View Post
    Ha, come to Hydraxis, we have tons of druid/shammy tier here. =) I'm kind of surprised you're picking up warrior stuff so easily, bidding is pretty cutthroat between warriors and DKs for warrior tier on my server at least.
    Wait DKS can bid on the t3 warrior set?

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    Quote Originally Posted by khalltusk View Post
    Wait DKS can bid on the t3 warrior set?
    Why not? Tier-3 was never class-bound. Quests for t3 were class-bound but not gear.

    Same as priest can bid on mage/lock gear or monk can bid on druid/rogue gear.
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    Ah, I forgot about it as it was a quest from lights hope wasn't it rather than a drop with a class restriction.

    might be worth a bid then ty./

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    The last important one for me is the helm (Bonescythe). After that, I've got all the obvious pieces (or variations thereof) so I can continue saving for my yak.

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    Got gloves and legs so far for my 70 shaman twink. Plan on getting all 7 (bracers I couldn't care less about) pieces on him, but BMAH has not been kind to me so far.

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    I have not even looked for t3 parts yet. I have no money for that at the moment. Maybe I'll start looking into it in the future

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