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    Mostly harmless
    It's fine, if you really want to be good, get battleground targets.
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    1. Advertise the addon on MMO-C.
    2. Get killed more in BGs.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    you're likely wrong, and we don't care anyway.

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    So someone came up with DBM for PvP? You should have people peeling for you anyways. Also what are these "healers" you speak of. They are never on any of my teams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swill655 View Post
    I guess my main problem is that i signed up to heal not to tank in pvp's
    Healers ARE tanks in PvP.
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    Being a Tauren healer is the worst... feels like you're jumping in front of a freight train every time you dismount to heal in PvP. I'm very tempted to race change to goblin and shorten my name, but I really like warstomp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swill655 View Post
    I guess my main problem is that i signed up to heal not to tank in pvp's
    If you're going to heal in PvP, you're going to be focused. Addons or not. That's simply the nature of the game. You can't kill your enemies if your enemy healers are still alive, keeping your enemies alive. In almost every facet of PvP gameplay, you better believe that you'll be the primary target. You'll either get trained down real quick, or CCed while your opponent wrecks your buddies.
    Quote Originally Posted by Novakhoro View Post
    I recommend shoulder surgery immediately... there's no way you didn't fuck it up with how hard you just reached.

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    Healers get focused no matter what. It isn't the add-on's fault.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tumble View Post
    He's not asking for a "free pass" hes asking for people who cant manage to pay attentin to the healer insted of training the warrior dont get a big red cross telling them who to kill. He is right in the fact that it is a bit unfair to healers. I miss the days of being able to either stand right in the middle of the action and not get targeted and just heal while my team wrecked, or stand 10yards behind them and only have to worry about the occasional rogue, and if it wasnt for this addon I'd still be able to do just that without much of a worry.

    Also, do you not understand the point of pvp? This addon is for terrible midfield heros who cant manage to pay enough attention to whats going on around them to pick out the healers on their own.

    actually im well aware of the point in pvp battlegrounds, being a well seasoned veteran myself, its stupid to assume you wont get trained on the minute you step inside one... i say that as someone who has healed and dps'ed. as for what is fair, l learned long ago there is nothing fair when going up against random premades with multiple heals that are well coordinated while your team frequently has 1 or no heals, and filled with bots or those 'mid-field heroes' as you so aptly described them who dont peel when you get jumped on.

    furthermore, if you were used to standing in the middle of the action or just off to the right and were allowed to turret heal, then you my friend were just used to playing against bads. i learned from day one of joining bgs, target heals or gtfo.

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    You need better team mates. Tell them to fucking peel, or switch to dps so that you don't have to "tank." Or just *puts on shades* deal with it.
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    About time an addon was made for this , op just get used to it mang as it is the way its guna be.

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    Just to all those saying Blues dont read this forum, they do. Maybe not the CM's directly but Blizz do mointor fan site forums as well as there own.

    I dont see the problem with it. I don't have the addon, but will stick to a healer anyway the second I notice them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dundebuns View Post
    Just to all those saying Blues dont read this forum, they do. Maybe not the CM's directly but Blizz do mointor fan site forums as well as there own.

    I dont see the problem with it. I don't have the addon, but will stick to a healer anyway the second I notice them
    I think they were saying that the OP isn't getting a blue response in here. No matter how hard Blizzards people read these forums.

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    This add-on is fine. Learn to juke/play well and you won't have an issue. Relying on the ignorance of other players to stay alive is a stupid and unreliable way to play as most competent players don't even need this add-on to spot healers anyway. Furthermore, no one relies on this add-on in high-level PvP, so it's really a non-issue. L2P.

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    In SWTOR everyone can mark a player. If your team has half a brain the healers get marked pretty quickly.

    Honestly, I really dislike addons like this. Part of what should be "skill" in this game is recognizing who is what on the field. It's a lazy solution. However, I'm pretty sure it isn't going anywhere.

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    I've noticed more and more how people focus me, I play a rDruid.
    But hey, you wanna use that addon, my reply to that is, Come at me bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    Healers ARE tanks in PvP.
    For dps that can't play properly yes.

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    is this ok for a blue response?

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    Will you guys be breaking the Healers Have to Die add-on in 5.2? It's really annoying to always get targeted!
    We're sorry to inform you but we have no issue with the add-on Healers Have to Die; healers are already easy enough to find and we feel as if this has no real influence in the PvP scene. We have much better things to do than breaking add-ons which cause minor irritation to a select group of players.

    There you go, a fake blue post.

    The most you'll get out of MMO-Champion.

    By the way, even without the add-on, you'd still be a pretty easy target to find to the average PvPer.

    Don't create fake Blizzard posts
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    Any player who doesn't have pudding for brains will target you and train you down no matter what. Addon or not, you are their target. Time to suck it up buttercup.

    I play a healer...if dps didn't pressure me when doing random battlegrounds, pretty much no one on my team would die that's within range of being healed. If you play RBGs you should expect pressure no matter what, and if they don't try to kill you they will cc the shit out of you until someone else dies. That's the life of a healer, the blanket silence magnet. 7/7 Mythic EN / 3/3 Mythic ToV / 10/10 Mythic NH / 9/9 Mythic ToS some old school CM fun
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    Quote Originally Posted by swill655 View Post
    Hello I am a healer from who enjoys the occasional battleground and Rated battleground but since this addon has been available it makes it even more difficult to enjoy pvp. Granted it really isn't hard to spot out the healers when you are in battlegrounds but do people really need the unfair advantage of a constant healing icon above healers? I just don't understand how blizzard can allow this addon. Although no it doesn't break any of the gaming rules, i think most healers would agree that it takes a lot of the joy out of casual pvp for them. I would love to get a blue's response on this topic since i have yet to see a response as to how they are allowing this addon to exist.

    It's not hard to spot healers without an addon either. You're just mad becuase you've been getting bad BG groups.

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