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    [A] <Eclipse> Alonsus EU - 25-man progress raiding guild

    Eclipse is a 25man raiding guild on the Alliance side of the Alonsus Realm (EU).

    We aim to be a small band of players who focus on quality rather than quantity. We are looking for a few more to fill our raid roster!

    As such, we expect potential applicants to:

    * Be mature, reliable, friendly and have a positive attitude.

    * Have a good knowledge of your class and you are willing to improve even beyond that. You can take suggestions/critisism and you can easily adjust your play-style according to each fight’s requirements.

    * Have a suitable level of gear.

    * Realise we are a PvE orientated guild. This means you show up to a raid in PvE gear and spec. We realise some players enjoy PvP and indeed are very good at it however we don’t expect you to bring that with you to the raid situation.

    * Always give 110%. Be there to the raid on time. Bring consumables; food buffs, potions and flasks.

    * You can follow a raiding schedule of 4 raids per week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, 19:30 - 23:30

    What we can offer you:

    * A chance to progress with a committed and mature group of active PvE orientated raiders. Because we aim to be small, it is rare you will be asked to warm the bench.

    * A mature raiding environment with highly experienced players who share similar end game goals as you.

    * Fun! Although we sound all serious, at the end of the day WoW is intended for fun, we aim to have the maximum amount of fun by beating bosses!

    * As a member of one of the oldest raiding guilds on the realm, you can expect a very stable raiding environment.

    Current 25-man progress: 4/6 Mogu'shan Vaults Heroic, 2/6 Heart of Fear Heroic, 4/4 Terrace of Endless Spring Normal

    Current recruitment status:

    Death Knight: Dps, tank

    Druid: Dps, heal, tank

    Hunter: Any

    Mage: Any

    Monk: Dps, heal

    Paladin: Dps, heal, tank

    Priest: Dps

    Rogue: Any

    Shaman: Dps, heal

    Warlock: Any

    Warrior: Dps, tank

    Even if we're not currently looking for your specific class or spec, all skilled and experienced players that can follow our raiding schedule are welcome to apply and will be given due consideration.

    Please apply on our website forum
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    Updated classes and progression, still looking for more!

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    Bump for recruitment.

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    Bump for recruitment.

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    Bump for recruitment.

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    Bump for recruitment.

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    Bump for recruitment.

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    Bump for recruitment.

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    Blade Lord and Wind Lord Heroic - 24 manned. WTB dps apps.

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    Bump for recruitment.

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    6/16 Heroic. Still need more apps.

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    Bump for recruitment.

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    Bump for recruitment.

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    Bump for recruitment.

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    Bump for recruitment.

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    Bump for recruitment.

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    Bump for recruitment.

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    Bump for recruitment.

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    Bump for recruitment.

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    Bump for recruitment.

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