Good day ladies and gentlemen. First of all if you want the long version of why my situation is as it is now I urge you to read the following thread

If you instead want a short version it's this: I am looking for a guild, i currently do not own a character at 90, I am looking for a guild doing heroic encounters, as a 25 man group. I am willing to run in alt runs untill the time I prove that I deserve a spot in the main raid. Infact I will probably comply to any demand, including making a longer more personalised application as long as it is relevant to the game. I enjoy playing as DPS or as a tank, and atm there is only one class in the game I don't want to play (mage).

What I can offer you is pretty simple. Vast experience in world of warcraft, from the easiest of vanilla bosses to the hardest of the lich king ones. I have full experience of normal mode (10) of the current tier.
I can also offer someone who is dedicated to what he does, and will go to the lengths needed to make sure I am not being carried.
High attendance and dedication to raiding.
A played down ego that can take instructions and have no problems accepting the help of my betters.

What I can't offer is a fully decked out character.

I would love any feedback, even the ones that would be that they had no intenions of taking me in, what would be the minimum requirment for someone to even be considered into your guild? I am trying to build up a picture of what I need to do to get where I want to be and any feedback would be helpful.