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    [A] Hostile Foragers Realm's Top 10m 3days/7,5hr (Mists)

    Hostile Foragers is an international progression focused 10m guild that raids on a tight schedule. We were formed in the beginning of Cataclysm by veteran players, with one ultimate goal in mind – prove that finishing a tier on time and on our schedule is possible. Throughout the expansion we’ve learned, we’ve had successes and we’ve had set backs. At the end we finished on a high note – getting the realm first strict 10m Madness & Spine kills and finishing top 200 in the EU English 10m bracket.

    We’re looking forward to Mists of Pandaria and, with a solid veteran core that has been playing together 2 years, we’re ready to improve our results. We’ve had such a good time as a community, in fact, that we’re adding a second raiding group within our guild. We’re not a guild to shy away from a challenge and we feel that the current model of guilds that have two groups within them, separating between A and B teams, is not something that we consider healthy. We will have two groups, which are equal, and hopefully have equal progress under the Hostile Foragers banner. To ensure that both our groups will keep up our rigorous raiding recruiting standards - many guilds say they do not recruit back ups – but we really mean it. If we don’t think you can replace any of our players and perform at their level we will not give you a trial. Raiding 7,5 hour weeks means we don’t have time to teach you or waste raids because you might work out. Hostile Foragers is a 10m guild - adding a second raiding team does not mean that we have any interest in starting a 25m group.


    Wednesday - 20'30-23'00 ST
    Thursday - 20'30-23'00 ST
    Sunday - 20'30-23’00 ST

    Invites start at 20’20

    Loot: We currently use ep/gp for our loot distribution; however that mostly gets play during farm and to break ties in progress. During progress we just talk to each other and decide who’s getting the most out of a certain item before distributing it. Our raiders are motivated by raid performance, not by loot.

    What to expect from us: You will be a part of a stable and fair rotational system that ensures we always have skilled players of the required role. The only people with a solid spot on every single raid are our Glorious Raid Leaders. The rest of our raiders are willing & able to pass each and every night, if a fight has a strict comp requirement or it’s their turn to skip a farm raid. Finally, you get to progress on a very RL friendly schedule.

    What we expect from you: Very high activity - we expect you to make almost every single raid night. We respect your personal life, however raiding is still a commitment and when up to 13 other people depend on you, you just can’t be MIA every other night. Pro-activity about informing yourself on upcoming fights and how we’re progressing – it might require as little as checking the appropriate topics on our forums, or as much as digging into WoL and finding out how to perform on a certain fight. Being a good player and able to take criticism is a forgone conclusion.

    We're currently intersted in:

    Warrior or DK Tank

    Restoration Shaman (elemental OS a plus)
    Restoration Druid (balance OS a plus)
    Healing Priest

    Elemental shaman (restoration OS a plus)

    If you're a good player, however, don't hesitate applying. We're not married to our characters and we can adjust to you.

    All applicants must be at least 21 years of age and must show they’re ready to do heroic level content.

    For more information and to apply please visit our forums:
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    For each time an applicant passes trial, God saves a kitten

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    Save some kitties!

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    up up

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    Still in need of warrior/death knight with strong OS and any ranged DPS except mage.
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    Interested in a ranged and a tank

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    Crawling the ladder!

    Paying 10k to anyone who beats me on the meters. Tanks of course.. An offer you can't refuse, apply now!

    W w w .HostileForagers. c o m

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    Still have spots for a tank/melee and one ranged DPS (lock or SP).

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    Looking for a hunter or warlock

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    Still interested in ranged DPSers.

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    Recruitment for Mists of Pandaria is now live.

    We're starting a second raiding group within the guild. More info in the post.

    We're currently intersted in:

    Warrior or DK Tank

    Restoration Shaman (elemental OS a plus)
    Restoration Druid (balance OS a plus)
    Healing Priest

    Elemental shaman (restoration OS a plus)

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