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    Looking for WindWalker advice


    I am trying to get a little bit of help on what I could do to improve my windwalker dps. My main spec is mistweaver, however our 2 upcoming hard mode will be Spirit Kings and Will of the Emperor, and I will be dpsing those, so any advice is more than welcomed to help me improve my dps.

    This is the fights I have done yesterday as dps:

    Feng 10H: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r...?s=3763&e=4087
    Zor'lok: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r...?s=3763&e=4087
    Lei Shi: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/r...?s=1168&e=1500

    My armory is here, however mistreaver at the moment:


    You can see my dps gear by going here and click on the windwalker spec:


    Only difference I have is I am using the heroic Feng belt now instead of the blue, and the normal tier legs with the best enchant. I still have that blue trinket, and for some reason, since first week of raiding in MSV, we have never seen a fist weapon drop, so I am using the Tsulog Staff and didn't socket it because I want to do it on the Claw of Shek'zeer.

    My background is ret paladin, so I am used to be melee dps, but I figured I might be doing something wrong, or my spec is not perfect because I am usually 10k behind the other dps. As far as I know I should be able to be competitve.

    Thank you in advance.
    Karuzo | Drainlife, US-Arthas
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    are you having rotation problems? gear looks fine, you could afford to lose a little haste tho, since the ascension change ww doesnt require mass haste stacking. 4kish haste+ascension is enough energy regen that you could pump some stats into crit.

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    Standard analysis:

    Armory: Switch your gems to Crit > Agility > Hit, not Agility > Haste > Hit, except for the JC gems which need to be Agility to get the most benefit anyways. Stat weights man, they're important. That said, part of your problem might be that your gear is, frankly, awful. 2 Normal fist weapons from Gara'jal will be more DPS than the 2h from Tsulong, but what's really killing you is no VP upgrades at all. That's not to say that you should, I understand that you're MW main spec, but you should know that every other DPS having 2/2 weapons and trinkets will make them outperform you by quite a bit. Speaking of trinkets, most other DPS would have gotten the 496 one from Shieldwall/Dominance, but again you're limited because it's an off spec. You could get a Relic of Xuen, but if you dont want to use the gem on your weapon you probably can't afford the trinket. Also, the difference between a 2h with Windsong and DW Dancing Steel is like a 7-8% DPS difference, that alone is a big chunk of the difference.

    Logs: For your gear, you're doing fine. I do have to question how often you use FoF because I have less haste and use it far less than you. Are you making sure that Energizing Brew is on CD before resorting to FoF? Seems like you used it only 3 times on Lei Shi but used FoF 6 times. EB --> Jab/BoK spam is more DPS than just using FoF.

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    Agility is better than crit when gemming though, crit increases WDPS, through attack power and we get bonuses as well (leather), and all of the monks attacks (abilities) scale through that (at least WWs). Get to ~12.5 Energy/sec with ascension then gem for agi and crit in the yellow ones and agi in red ones.

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    Armory is now in dps gear. Reading comments now. Yes I do use FoF over EB, I thought the were just 2 seperate ways to regen energy, I didn't know it was actually EB > FoF, especially with the 4pc.

    And yes, I'm not really VP upgrading my off-spec, I am not yet revered with Dominance Offensive, but I might buy it in a day or two due to not having anything worth to upgrade just yet on my main spec that isn't already upgraded.

    I totally get the weapon is not helping,but I can't make 1H weapon drops, I didn't see any since October when I swapped to my monk, either on heroic Gara'jal or Shek'zeer, not even in LFR. I might have to gem/enchant it because it's going to help, gold isn't really the issue, I was planning to replace that quick, it didn't happen (I was using 2XHH Swords prior to that)
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