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    Soloing pets and glyphs


    I was just wondering, which pet should I use for soloing old raids as well as MOP content while questing (I'm lvl 85) ?
    And same goes for glyphs.
    Also, which spec ?
    Would be glad if you could tell me reasons behind your decision.

    My current SV spec: Glyph of marked for death, animal bond and misdirection. And default turtle lol. Planning to get Skarr. Minor glyphs shouldn't matter.
    My current BM spec has exactly the same glyphs, but I'm using Loque'nahak for tanking in tenacity spec.

    So.. I'm wondering, which pet and glyphs should I use ?

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    im using Glyph of mending, pathfinding and Misdirection
    aswell as a spirit beast - Ferocity.
    dont need it to be a tank since growl + md takes care of most aggro issues.

    this usualy works well for all my soloing problems, except onyxia where i go Survival for serpent spread for the adds, same glyphs tho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danmakus View Post
    aswell as a spirit beast - Ferocity.
    I wouldn't really believe it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferocity View Post
    I wouldn't really believe it

    oh you. +1 for giving me a laugh tho

    should also be noticed that when soloing raids with bosses that impale / mind controll / cast anything really bad on anyone but the tank you should be careful with your pet, as you may get a nasty suprise.

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    I have a tip that is actually a bug.
    Skip Misdirection and get the minor glyph Direction instead. They bugged it so it resets misdirection right after you use it. Throw the Mend Pet glyph in instead.
    But I guess it really depends on what you're trying to solo. I can do most bosses pre-cata as surv without changing anything from my raiding spec.

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    Glyph of Misdirect and Mend pet works amazingly in soloing, spec into Crouching tiger hidden Chimaera for the disengage deterrence CD's. I solo everything SV with that combo. I use terropene as a pet specced tenacity. Depending on the mechanics I can solo most pre-cata raid bosses and all pre mop dungeons.

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