View Poll Results: Most Bland Class - Visually

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  • Rogue

    114 53.02%
  • Monk

    6 2.79%
  • Druid

    13 6.05%
  • Warrior

    29 13.49%
  • Paladin

    7 3.26%
  • Death Knight

    8 3.72%
  • Warlock

    1 0.47%
  • Mage

    7 3.26%
  • Priest

    3 1.40%
  • Hunter

    21 9.77%
  • Shaman

    6 2.79%
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    People chose all the non-magic classes, but i don't agree:
    To me paladins are the most boring... "light of this.. light of that... light light light.." ..kill yourself!
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    Rogue with Mage second and Warrior third

  3. #43
    Warriors. I have a glyph that makes my bleeds bloodier and I don't even notice it.

    Not sure how Warrior is losing to Rogue.

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    rouge, most definitely. Warrior feels powerful but rogue just feels meh.

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    I was going to vote for locks , but then i remembered the new demon lock + newer version of demons.. so my vote goes to priests.

    Boring from tip of their head to the botton of their feet.

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    Rogue. A little smoke is as good as it gets.

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    No idea. I am busy following 10+ CDs on my Hunter to notice how classes look in combat. My hunter only has the Glaive toss that breaks up the boring routine though. I like my female undead DK it is quite jumpy.

    I guess druids are the most boring.

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    Honestly, when I saw the title of the thread, I immediately thought 'Rogue' as well. And then almost everyone agreed with me! That was nice.

    That said, while they may be 'bland' technically speaking, I think it's ok. We don't all need to be OTT glowbots of shiny sparkly awesomeness, after all.

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    Warriors probably, or hunters. I feel that they could do so much more with those, especially with warrior talents like Avatar. Rogues, sure, but they're supposed to be under the radar so even using a lot of shadow/smoke stuff would attract attention. Going transparent or something would be cool, though.

    I actually thought that Paladins weren't shiny enough in comparison to other users of the holy light and magic overall. Guess that could've changed seeing how I've barely touched my paladin in MoP and a lot of people here seem to think they're more than shiny enough ^^
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    Bland is not bad in my book - I prefer it to flashiness. I guess druids could use updates on some of their models. But I'd prefer updates to completely discarding models - without Moonkin, Druids wouldn't feel the same. I don't mind the glyph of stars as an alternative appearance option.

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    I wish they would make things like deathbringes will and druid staff from fl, so ppl could use them as transmogear
    I play rogue as main, which looks boring also. But when i leveled my priest huh, that shadowform is one of most ugliest thing in wow.

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    In order:
    >everything else<

    There's only so much you can do with a physical class without doing it over to death.
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    I think warlocks are the most generic class in the game imo. The item sets and abilites are so expected tier in and tier out. Just because something have huge shoulderpads and claws on their helm dosnt mean its interesting... less is more.

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    how could someone even vote for warlocks?
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    I picked rogue, because their attacks look weak AND their gear is normally rather subtle and/or generic. Some leather, hoods and toothpicks.
    I see that warriors come in second on the poll, and I might agree on the attack/spell animations, at least for some classes, but they get to wield two massive weapons and plate has through history been better looking than cloth IMO.
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    Rogue 100%.

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    Who said Warlock? YOU'RE MAD

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    Rogue hands down
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    Well yeah, probably rogues and hunters... tho rogues go ahead for quite a bit.

    Rogues basically stand still nuking stuff and hunters keep jumping around nuking stuff. Not too many "special effects" around.

    However, I think it's good to keep it as it currently is from an overall point of view (with all classes included), way too many shiny crap could make it look a bit .. "cheap".

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    I don't quite understand why people say warriors. They have many things, from battle roars to a darn flag!

    I guess that not switching presences as it used to be sucks tho. That gave them a special look. Yet, they look and sound quite unique imo.

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    I bet the six people that voted for Mage are playing arcane right now.

    OT: Rogues... I guess. Not sure. I only play a fire mage, and his animations are pretty enough as it is. (Although human casting gets a bit old)
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