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    Talking Your favorite SSBB character!!

    Hey guys, been playing SSBB (Super Smash Bros Brawl) and got to thinking "what do other people play?"


    What are your 3 favorite characters?? And what character do you hate VURSING the most?

    My answers are~
    1) Falco
    2) Ike
    3) Lucario

    My most hated character is Olimar, arg!!! I hate him so much! >_<


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    1.) Mr Fox McCloud will always be my favourite, regardless of nerfs etc.

    2.) Adult Link (badass with a heavy hit).

    3.) Then, purely on aesthetics, Ganondorf and Wolf.

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    The exact same as it was for SSBM, with one addition:
    Adult Link
    Ike (Roy in M, come on it's the exact same guy.)
    Ganondork (although significantly less than SSBM)

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    1.) ROB, his projectile and air game is amazing, the sheer mobility in the air makes him a ton of fun.

    2.) Marth, no projectile, but very powerful going 1v1 against, a lot of his moves come out fairly fast, and being unpredictable with his counter can give you a massive edge.

    3.) Mr. Game and Watch, despite how light he is, his normals come out pretty fast as well, and his B+> can be pretty hilarious at times.

    As for who I hate fighting, a well-played Ike or Snake can be incredibly frustrating, both have a lot of mobility, and hit like a truck.

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    Mario probably.

    Has an excellent intercept and smash.

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    1. Pit
    2. Pit
    3. Pit.

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    1. Bowser. because he´s cute ;p
    2. Zelda. just like the ranged gameplay. and if you need to become fast you just switch to the other form.
    3. Yoshi. he´s just funny :3

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    My favourite has always, and will always be Ness. played him since SSB and is by far my best:
    1. Ness
    2. Cpt. Falcon
    3. probably Lucario since they removed Mewtwo

    most hated is a really tough call, but i'm going to say mr G&W because of the sheer randomness of his front-B attack

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    1: Adult Link
    2: Mario/Luigi
    3: Falco/ Cpt. Falcon
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    1. Meta Knight
    2. Captain Falcon
    3. Wario

    Yes yes, I know Meta Knight is OP as shit, but I had planned to main him before the game's release, and nothing shall stop me from that. As a giant Kirby fan it was such a treat to get him. As for Falcon and Wario, they're just really really fun, I love the knee attack Falcon has, and Wario has such a wierd arsenal of attacks, I can't help but love it.

    The one I hate to go against the most is probably Pit, such a no-skill babysit character. Godly recovery, spammable attacks, reflector, and that Final Smash, fuck that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Omertocracy View Post
    Ike (Roy in M, come on it's the exact same guy.)
    The only similar thing about Roy and Ike is that they both have a sword, and even then Roy's sword is 1-handed while Ike's is 2-handed. Ike has a completely different moveset and is much more OP and Roy, who frankly wasn't a very powerful character unless you could play him to an A+.
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    1. King Dedede
    2. Ganondorf
    3. Bowser

    While I may be better with other characters than Ganondorf and Bowser I still favor them over any character, with the exception of Dedede

    I hate fighting against Ike, he hits like a truck and he's not even that slow, characters like Game & Watch and Jigglypuff almost doesn't stand a chance against him.
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    1.) Pikachu
    2.) Pikachu
    3.) Pikachu

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    I'm still of the melee era, so I can't make much of a case. I remember enjoying Wolf "Can't let you do that StarFox" O'Donnell and Luigi in the few plays I had on it.

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    Haven't played it much lately, but I remember always playing as either Fox or Samus in SSBB. So yeah, them.

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    I never had a Wii, so I hope I can still play this game by naming my fav SSBM characters.

    1. Zelda (or more importantly Shiek) - This was my best character, though I rarely found use for her princess form. I almost exclusively used Sheik.
    2. Falco - I enjoyed his power advantage over Fox
    3. Captain Falcon - Just another character I was pretty good with, he had some moves that left you open, but I chose to simply use those moves less.

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    1. Lucario (one of my main pokemon in the games also)
    2. Fox (my original main)
    3. Zelda/Shiek
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    Gameplay wise:

    1) Zelda
    2) Falco
    3) Lucario

    Character wise:

    1) Wolf
    2) Link
    3) Bowser

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    1. Adult Link
    2. Zero Suit Samus
    3. Wolf

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    1. Bowser
    2. Peach
    3. Metaknight
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