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    Somehow I always end up with Queen or Smash Mouth playing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elgefar View Post
    Electro House on . Getting pumped to kill them bosses!
    I am the exact same, that or Drum and Bass on

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    Stuff like this is perfect for raiding, IMO. It can really get me focused. I don't really listen to it much outside of raiding though. I more prefer things with lyrics / alternative rock / etc. type stuff when I'm in the car or whatever.

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    Iron Maiden or slipknot for sure!!!

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    I don't know why but i always tend to get high dps when listening to aqua or Evanescence >.<

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    Usually in-game music. Dance or alternative if I'm feeling a different mood.
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    If I'm not progressing I usually listen to something like Volbeat or Deadmou3

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    En dag by Tommy Nilsson on repeat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellravager View Post
    What do you listen to when raiding? minimal or deep house channels. Anything with voice is annoying.
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    Krewella / Zedd and.... Ellie Goulding.....

    I honestly dont know what type of music the first 2 really are. I really like some form of vocals in any song, not just beats n shizzle

    Also to those that just say "Mumble/Vent". The way forward is to raidlead and have the music so loud you just shout whats going on (unless its progression, i miss my loud music).

    When i wasnt the Raid Leader? Just do my thang, i dont need to be told to save peoples lifes/move out of crap/do something on the fly
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    As a raid leader, during progression i like to have no music going.

    During farm/not raid leading though, Approaching Nirvana/Two Steps From Hell

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    I have DBM's Victory Sound addon, and I have The Sun Rises (final boss music in Okami, I'd link but the forums say I can't) loaded up on it. Between maining a monk and the overall theme of the expansion I feel like it works really well. Plus I just plain like the song.

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    I like to listen to and Immediate music. I also like to listen to trance stations in the radio in winamp.
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    On non-progression content, Two Steps from Hells gets me fired up.

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    Immortal Mage playlist on youtube
    >DnB collection (has dubstep in it)
    >top Batle Music

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    Pandora, anything rock.

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    If I didn't raid on a laptop and ever get a nice desktop that can run it all well, I'd like to listen to some of the epic songs from some of those World First guild kill videos.

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