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    The Magnetic Fields early in the night, and the LotR soundtrack as I start to wind down.
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    Sorry, but I can't understand why people would have specific music for something? I listen to what I always done...Trash metal like Metallica/Megadeth and few others, why would something you like not work anywhere?
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    I can't listen to anything I get too distracted

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    Guile's theme song:].
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    I really like some of the old school rappers.

    Biggie, and big-L mostly but I also like the newer stuff like Mac Miller.

    Sometimes I will switch to Bass hunter or maybe even go to some rock

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    I turned my game sound completely of except DBM. WoW is so extremely loud especially in raids. I use to hear Dubstep or some 80s music while raiding if any. Depends on my mood

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    "Archive - Bullets" is pretty nice. As I remember, it's from Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack

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    I listen to DBM warnings and game sounds and vent.

    If you are trying to find something to listen to while raiding, two steps from hell has no competition on that.

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    Trance, lots of good trance.
    Howay the lads!

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    I've recently been listening to a lot of liquid dnb (drum&bass) on Spotify when raiding.
    It keeps me focused and is quite easy to listen to.
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    Lately I've been listening to:

    Tons of game music (mostly oldschool), almost all the music is really good- and sometimes I get hit hard by nostalgia when I hear music from games I played in my childhood.

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    I like to be serenaded by the sounds of my fellow raiders screaming at me in fits of rage.

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    It's varies on the mood a lot, sometimes I just listen to spotify raiding if I don't feel like listening to some specific playlist or so.
    Sometimes I listen to hands-up music, sometimes soft rock, sometimes to hard rock or heavy metal. It depends very much on the mood.

    Although for pushing dips really hard the music I feel is the best is like power-metal or something like that, and muting vent / TS or whatever
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    I had a soundtrack mod that let me add music for every region/instance/boss fight in the game among other things like sound effects which I filled up with 95% music tracks from other games (except for a few regions I liked the in-game music for) and 5% music tracks from what I classify as anything that isn't music from a video game.

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    I just stream 'Octane' on Sirius. It's a Warrior thing.

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    Pandora: Tool, AC/DC, System of a Down, Mindless Self Indulgence, Jason Mraz, Nirvana

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    I listen to dubstep on the farm bosses without coordination mechanics, but other than that music is way to distracting to progress with.

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    Dubstep while raiding? That's totally idiotic. The truth is here.

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