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    Temple of Katmogu

    So....I really like this Battleground....but mostly there are so many brainfucked teams.

    Why do the peopel not understand how the points you gain can be increased very easily?

    They take the balls....and stand outside the middle.

    When you are in the middle you gain 10 times more points, you need 1 second to reach points you gain outside in 10 seconds, you guys know that? And that these even multiplicate the more are in the mid with balls?

    Why do always the worst people run to the balls...why? There is something to click?

    You can even explain the Battleground and still no one gets it. It is really funny to do the most points for your team when you hold the ball for 30 seconds in the whole game.

    Yes, this is the QQ, awesome BG, stupid people...

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    get the ball get max points for a few sec < getting ball and not dying while getting more total points
    Quote Originally Posted by Ahovv View Post
    It really sucks that I no longer know when someone is trolling or just a conservative.

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    you might earn more points while in the inner zone, however when the opposing team kills you, they earn some points (not sure about the ammount), so if you manage to hold out in the middle zone as long as possible, its better then run 10x for a few seconds in the center and just die there. If you stay for 10s in middle zone - only your team earns 10s * 10points per sec = 100 points, but if you run inside 10x for 1 sec and then you die you recieve 3(multiplicator for inner zone) * 10s * 10points per sec = 300 points but the other team earns about 25 points for each of your team orb carriers deaths - 10 deaths * 25points per death = 250 points so you only gained 300 - 250 = 50 points advantage over the other team instead of 100 points if you do not enter the inner zone but stay in the middle one ...

    these number are not correct, they are their only to explain the basic principle why it is better to hold the orbs in the middle zone and not in the inner.

    this strategy only works if your team works fine (RBGs), if you are in random bg, just go in center and hope to kill their carriers before they kill yours because they will not stay with you in the middle zone to defend

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