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    Still need solid heals: monks, resto druids. Rogues would be nice too.

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    We could still use healy monks, shaman - and any reliable ranged DPS.

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    Need ranged DPS, good heals are always welcome...maybe a rogue too.

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    Always in search of reliable raiders, please visit our forums or feel free to talk to one of us in game.

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    We're now looking for heals - preferably another resto shammy and ranged DPS to continue pushing heroic progression.

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    Still looking for monk/resto shammy heals and mages along with any other solid ranged DPS.

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    We have room for Monk/Shammy/Druid heals - and any strong ranged DPS going into 5.2

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    ...and now thanks to schedule changes, a non-warrior tank too!

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