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    (H) Flawed 10m Jaedenar, 16/16 N and 3/16 HC

    Amongst all the guilds on the realm, there is a small dedicated group of semi-casual raiders under the tag of <Flawed>. We're a 10-man guild focusing mainly on PvE content, but do also have people interested in PvP.
    Our founding idea at the very core is that while we enjoy raiding, we choose not spend every evening doing so.
    As players our core group consists of seasoned raiders, most from all the way back to Vanilla, and though we don't let our long history with the game hinder our view of it today, we've learned a lot on the way to where we are now. That is what makes us unique.

    What we're looking for are a select few people of: Experience, dependability and strong focus. Also very important for us is that our members all share a similar ideal of what we want out of the game.
    We do not want to bloat our roster any more than absolutely necessary, ultimately having the same raid setup each week, but with people having other things sometimes that isn't realistic.

    So, what are we looking for exactly aside from the three core ideas mentioned above?
    Classes / Specs we're looking for: Currently we're open for any Class and Role, but we're most interested in getting:
    - A Mage or Elemental Shaman
    - A Paladin Healer.
    - A Death Knight or Paladin tank.
    - A Melee dpser.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Even if your class or role isn't mentioned in the above, if you find our ideals similar to your own, don't hesitate to contact us tohave a chat. We'd like to hear from you and are always interested in able similarly minded people.
    What has Flawed done so far then, you might ask?

    As a guild we've started at Cataclysm launch, and now we stand with full Dragonsoul and Firelands heroics at our feets.
    So far this expansion we have cleared normal mode and killed a few bosses in heroic, but are now looking to bulk out our roster and prepare for Throne of the Thunderking, patch.
    And this is where you come in, as we are looking for a few more dedicated and talented people to join us for the coming expansion and hence by build a even more great team for the coming months/years.

    Quick facts about us:
    - We raid 3 times a week, with goals set on good progress with full focus but in a relaxed atmosphere.
    - Our raiding schedule consists of Wednesdays, Sundays and Tuesdays, weeknight raids being 20:00 - 00:00 and Sunday's 19:00 - 23:00. We do sometimes extend raids further, but only when everyone agrees.
    - We're a small dedicated group of experienced raiders with a relaxed and mostly goofy atmosphere looking to enjoy PvE content with similarly minded people.

    What we look for in new members:
    - Activity and sociability. Enjoying time spent with others and respect for your fellow gamer, both in guild and people outside.
    - Dependability and Consideration. We don't raid often, which makes it all the more important for all of our members to have high attendance, or if unable to attend, keep everyone properly informed.
    - Interest in improving both personally and as a guild.
    - Common sense and Insight. Understanding when to and when not to stand in fire and a general interest in things not directly concerning your class or role.

    If you've managed to read this far and you are unable to resist the urge to check our website, and make an application, under the forum sections. Flawed.wowstead.com
    Want to know more? Website not doing it for you? Contact me or Ikirus ingame on Jaedenar, for a chat.

    // Grizling
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    bumped and updated with progress and new recruit for Throne of Thunder patch..

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