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    Wild Mushroom now has a Resto specific tooltip: The mushrooms grow larger as they accumulate healing power from 75% of overhealing done by your Rejuvenation, up to a maximum of 100% of your health in bonus healing.
    That's what's caught my eye. If that goes live as is, it would make Mushrooms potentially very strong. Would be curious to see how much this gets adjusted before 5.2 goes live. If this ends up being the final version of the spell (doubtful) then that's potentially a mechanic for a druid to top up the entire raid

    It could of course mean that the bonus healing is split between the targets, but even if that is the case it's still potentially a v. nice change to the mechanic, would give a decent mechanic for healing burst raid damage (thinking Vizier, Garalon, to a lesser extent Spirit Kings, Feng here in particular)

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    Just going to point this out, regarding the Stolen Insignias

    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Zandalari forces have begun scouting the shores of Pandaria, searching for the perfect invasion point. The Zandalari can be found in Krasarang Wilds, Dread Wastes, Townlong Steppes, Jade Forest, and Kun-Lai Summit. Zandalari Scouts can be handled by 1 or 2 players, while elite Zandalari Warbringers will likely require a full party of 5 heroes. Defeat Warbringers to gain special drops, including crafting materials, reputation gains, an achievement, and even the chance to get one of three new rare mounts!
    Players ask for everything to be faster, easier and completely optional and then when they get bored they can't understand why.

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    I'm liking the female troll model, but one aspect of her that I'm really grooving on is her belt and skirt. Blizz has been making belts more 3d in this expansion without going all WWE on us, and I think this one is a great example of design. Although if I were wearing it in the real world I'd probably get annoyed by those tusks jabbing my arms whenever I forget that they're there.

    The skirt - those rings at the bottom add lovely depth and detail. I hope that this is a drop, and not just model-specific clothing.

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    UA glyph is now mandatory for Afflic as it is a dps increase.

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    So the Captured Titan Model is Rai-Den but the Titans are version of the Norse gods right?

    Rai-Den = Odin, Leader of the Titans...

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    i searched rai-den for WoW and this came up "Ra-den is the thirteenth and a heroic-only boss encounter in the Throne of Thunder." so it looks like he is the secret boss.

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    Dat troll model is drop-dead gorgeous. And that's saying alot from a guy who HATES current troll models.

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    Raiden the thunder god from Mortal Kombat?

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    Dat female troll, awesome. <3

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    Still waiting for notes that will help disc in pvp..

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoblinGraph View Post
    So the Captured Titan Model is Rai-Den but the Titans are version of the Norse gods right?

    Rai-Den = Odin, Leader of the Titans...
    Titans have members from multiple mythologies. Ra-Den is patterned after Japanese Raijin (who also the source for Mortal Kombat's Raiden).

    Am I seeing an icon for archaeology rifle?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoblinGraph View Post
    So the Captured Titan Model is Rai-Den but the Titans are version of the Norse gods right?

    Rai-Den = Odin, Leader of the Titans...
    The leader of the Titans is Aman'Thul.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gratlim View Post
    When it comes to warriors and mage: is it a bad joke? Ups, really?! Warlocks? More nerfs? rofl
    Mage: 15s CD blink, ice lance cleave, more procs, up damage, Deep change reversed
    Wars: Second wind change reversed back to 3%, more healing.
    Locks: nerf fel armor, epic nerf glyph of ember: from +50% instant to +5% making it a 10sec HoT.

    Good one Blizz. Get a clue on OP classes and gimped ones please
    That's always been Blink's CD, nothing has changed.

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    I like the new troll model. If that's any where close to what we might see for the vanilla races, it might just draw me back in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinkara View Post
    it's about time that blizzard did somthing to fix how broken and undesirable resto are to play right now.

    1 change is not enough to keep up to par with other healers
    Tell me about it. As a 25 man Resto Druid I've been feeling depressed to find myself struggling to stay off the bottom of recount in raids with most of my heals getting sniped by the other healers vastly superior aoe heals. However I do not know how this change to mushrooms is going to work, the tooltip information confuses me a little.

    Also the 4 set bonus " The healing done by your Rejuvenation increases by 6% each time it causes healing. " is extremely disapointing as I mentioned Resto Druids suffer from out hots being sniped and it getting lost to overheal. Maybe this set bonus is intentional and aimed at making us use the Healing Mushrooms more in 5.2. If it were up to me however I would do away with the spell completely I absolutely hate wasting GC's putting the damn things down.

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    is it just me who notice those blood extraction tubes on that watcher /titan ( whatever u call him ) ankles ? if u enlarge the photo u can see blood dropping . its pretty cool but i REALLLY hope hes not a titan ;p would be silly to let a titan be captured by their own creation doesnt matter how weak he was at time. i hope hes the watcher of vale of eternal blossom .

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    Stormwind and Orgrimmar will be reconstructed again. What about Danath Trollbane's statue in Stormwind City? It'll be reconstructed again?

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    Downgraded defensive stance huh? I blame Reckful

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    That troll model has serious potential. My two issues with it: stomach area is too thin and the nose looks off. Also, one last thing - does she blink?!

    (Seriously, though, I hope fem trolls will get to blink one day. And have more than one "pretty" face that doesn't look stoned.)
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    I really hope they change the female troll model to that specific model. Can't say that she is a cutie but it do at least look much better.

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