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    Yes, but that might happen once in a fight, and as arcane you will rage each time you have to move, interupt your normal rotation, recast RoP and start again..

    And you don't call President Obama simply President, Its either President Obama or just Obama.. Same goes for Imperial Vizier Zorlok, given there is only 1 Imperial Vizier in the game, but still.
    Once a fight? Yeah, you never played Fire.

    "Mr. President" or "Obama" (because he's cool). NO one calls him Zorlok, similar to how NO one calls Blade Lord as "Tayak" or Wind Lord as "Mel'jarak".

    Just saying. When people need to wowhead a name, it generally means that no one uses that as their name.
    Uses the same signature for over a year, just randomly gets infracted for it recently.
    Placeholder signature is placeholder and will hopefully make me finish my shit.
    Oh yeah, I'm a Druid and stuff.
    I also made a spreadsheet for the Order Hall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon9870 View Post
    Once a fight? Yeah, you never played Fire.
    Now lets see.. My crit rate as fire is a bit over 35% atm so that makes me fireball crit ~42% so that would make chances of 10, 15 or 20 non crits in a row 0.58^10= 0,004, 0,58^15=0,0002 and 0,58^20= 0,000018..

    So yeah gl with getting more than once in a fight when on average its not even likely to happen once in a fight..

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    I didn't need to Wowhead the name, when you see the word "Zorlok" every week it's really not hard to remember

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