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    Water Elemental problem on Durumu

    Ok, so whilst doing Durumu today, i noticed my water elemental decided to just ditch me and run away during the start of the fight lol. What basically happens is about 15secs into the pull, he just all of a suddens runs away SUPER quick to some random corner of the room then despawns or just despawns right on the spot. There were a couple of attempts where he gathered the courage to face the mean old eye, and stood his ground, but other times he just runs away like a coward or despawns

    Any other frost mages having this problem? Is it some sort of bug? Please help.

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    The warlocks in my raid had the same problem. You need to summon your pet off of the grate that draws back.

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    Start about 45 degrees to the right of the entrance. Haven't had a problem after I stopped trying to be at the entrance at the start.

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    hhmm ok. I'll try that next time. thanks

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