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    Angry Help Abandoned my pet

    I just abandoned my pet Tiger by mistake. Can a GM can give it back?

    Orange Pandaren Tiger.
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    I don't see why you would put in a ticket for this. The GM will most likely 2+ day to get back at you. When you can easily just go tame another one in Kun - lai or Jade forest if you are high enough level that is. if you are low level the wondering isle has some.

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    If it was supper rare pet then they might give it back.
    But with pets which are easly tamable you shouldnt even bother. just tame another.

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    If you're in Pandaria, you can just tame another orange tiger in the jade forest however if you're low-level, I'm afraid you can't re-tame one since outisde of pandaria they're only found in the wondering isle! Still, I don't believe it's neccersery to make a ticket just for an easily obtainable pet.
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    I dont really think blizz is going to be too sympathetic since it asks you if you are sure you want to abandon the pet. Just retame one imo.

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    Agreed with posters above, head to the jade forest and re-tame a tiger, It isn't a rare pet at all.

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