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    Doubling up on crewskills a bad idea?

    Im on Jedi Covenant and have 2 characters with Slicing, UWT, and Bioanalysis and always keep 10 companions going usually 4 doing rich rank 5 lockboxes, 4 doing grade 6 slicing mats, and last 2 doing abundant grade 6 bio samples and just wondering if thats a bad idea and I will be flooding the market with too many mats? Also if those missions arent available I mix in various Rich yield UWT missions regardless of Grade. If they are Rich I run them. I tried crafting but never could make much and usually just broke even so figured selling mats would be the way to go. Also the other mats seem to sell for a lot less like scavenging and archaeology and TH.
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    You will have to test that on your own. No way for us to know how the market is on your server. Just compare the going rates on stuff with what those missions cost you and you should be able to answer your question pretty easily.

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