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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychlon View Post
    If force chocking someone is "evil" so is waterboarding prisoners.

    One is 'torture' the other is 'advanced interrogation'
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    Quote Originally Posted by edgecrusher View Post
    There is plenty to criticize with the game and BioWares handling of it without resorting to exaggeration, so let's not do it : /

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamos77 View Post

    One is 'torture' the other is 'advanced interrogation'

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    I thought one of the major points of SWTOR was to show us that it's not all black and white. There are good guys in the Empire, and there are bad Jedi...

    Of course, overall, the Empire are the "bad" guys because... They kill people. Like, a lot of people.
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    Its not so much the Imperials that are evil as it is the Sith. Most Imperials you meet are pretty decent (if strict and disciplined) people who seem to often care for the Empire's citizens and men under their commands. Its when you meet Sith that the arseholes and psychopaths who kick puppies "because we can" appear.

    The Republic is extremely corrupt and layered with bureaucracy, whilst the Empire functions pretty damn well, its just that your bosses are usually dicks. The Republic sees their military as a 'necessary evil' and discards it when it doesn't need it any more (see the Trooper storyline) whilst the Empire celebrate it. They both have bad points and good points its just the Republic self-righteously paints itself as a beacon of peace and love whilst it rots from within unlike the Empire who make no qualms they're the good guys but actually if it wasn't for the Sith would function pretty damn well... apart from maybe the whole slavery thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychlon View Post
    did you mean this one?
    Haha, I think that was it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Argroth View Post
    Dunno if you misquoted but if you didn't.

    I wasn't implying the research paper didn't exist I was saying just because there is a research paper on it dosn't mean that it is fact. Especially in this circumstance since it is opinion about a fictional organization.
    It was an interesting read and humorous, for entertainment purposes only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    That's not right, the Force doesn't tell you what to do. You decide on a course of action and the Force guides your hands to that goal.

    But at this point Star Wars canon is such a disaster why even bother arguing about it
    Go back and watch the scene of dialogue between Luke and Obi-wan in A New Hope when Luke is training with the Remote Droid.

    Remember, a Jedi can feel the Force
    flowing through him.

    You mean it controls your actions?

    Partially. But it also obeys your
    Whether a Jedi is aware he is being influenced or not is another matter entirely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ariakul View Post
    Years ago, there was a research paper online about why the Empire is good, it was a great read. I don't have the link anymore though.
    I'm not sure if anyone here has watched the series, Legend of the Seeker (but I'm sure there are at least a few), but the basic plot was the classic "chosen warrior defeats the evil tyrant". The tyrant was, without a doubt, evil. However, one of the most interesting plot components was in Season 2 after the tyrant was defeated. Basically things got even worse because all of his old Generals basically went off on their own and start claiming land. It was explicitly stated that although things were bad under the Tyrant, at least there was order. Now there was chaos and more death and suffering without the tyrant to control all the Generals and soldiers.

    Similarly, I believe that was the case in the Star Wars universe after Palpatine's death.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WarpedAcorn View Post
    Whether a Jedi is aware he is being influenced or not is another matter entirely.
    In Revenge of the Sith book version based on the movie script, the Jedi willfully reliquishes all the control to the Force and lets it guide them, while Sith force the Force do their bidding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WarpedAcorn View Post
    Similarly, I believe that was the case in the Star Wars universe after Palpatine's death.
    The Sith Empire is different though. There are constant fights in between each other, if the emperor would just go away there would soon be another one claiming the title of emperor. Nobody would run away and try to start his own buiseness elsewhere.

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