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    Nurfed 13/13H ToT-12h/Week- LF Tank & DPS!
    Nurfed is a 25m semi-hardcore raiding guild on US Tichondrius.

    We've been a WoW guild since classic alpha, nearly 10 years ago. We'll be here for at least 10 more.

    We raid Tuesday & Wednesday 6PM to 10PM PST, and Sunday 5PM to 9PM PST -- that's only 12 hours per week during progression. Many guilds pretend they raid only three days too, but go on to cite caveats such as "unless we're close to a boss kill" or "the fourth day is for cleanup." A cursory glance at their World of Logs page will similarly reveal the deception.

    The bottom line is that we are indisputably unique in the WoW landscape, and for reasons other than those listed above. We offer an experience that no other guild could ever hope to match.

    If you don't know why, we don't want you.
    We're Currently Recruiting the Following Classes:

    • Prot Warrior (HIGH)
    • Prot Paladin (HIGH)
    • Brewmaster (Medium)
    • Guardian Druid/Blood DK (Low)

    • DK DPS
    • Mage
    • Balance Druid
    • Feral Druid

    Healers: Low

    *Up-to-date recruitment needs can be found on our profile at:

    In-game contacts for recruitment: Biffins (Biffins#1220), Ub, Sensse, Somaa
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    We're pushing these last three hard, ranged DPS core positions! And core for a MT!
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    Add me to RealID if you have any questions about recruitment ^^^
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    We're currently looking for 1 core healer, Resto Shaman or Mistweaver** preferred!
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    Still LF Ranged, 1 Healer and a MT
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    Also talk to Sensse/Biffins/Somaa in-game if you have any questions and I'm not on RealiD!
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    We're still LFM!
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    Still very high need for a MT!
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    Still need more for progression and 5.2!
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    We're still looking for more including a reliable tank!
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    Stilllllll LFM! Contact me with any questions.
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    I like turtles

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    We are a pair looking for a new home to raid together for this tier and far beyond. Not wanting to look around every tier because people flake out and don't show up, We are a protection warrior and an elemental shaman boyfriend/girlfriend team that love raiding together. If you would be interested in interviewing us or seeing if we would fit with your team please feel free to get in contact with me via BattleTag friends list jen1193#1466 or see our post a few lines up that includes our armory profiles and most pertinent information. Thank you for your time~!

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    Unfortunately we don't like to recruit/raid with couples for various reasons. Thank you for your interested and best of luck!
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    Still looking for more!
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    Still looking to fill some core positions!
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    Recruiting DPS and Tanks for 5.2!
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    Contact me with any questions or apply on!
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    Still LFM!
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    Updated recruitment, open to all tank classes except Paladin.
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