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    <Immortality> 25man 10/12 Looking for Ranged and Heals.

    <Immortality> is a 25man Alliance raiding guild on US- Skullcrusher. We are currently looking for exceptional players to fill various raid spots for Heroic progression through 5.2. Our current needs are as follows but we are always looking for committed players of any class or spec:

    Mage (All Specs)
    Monk (Brewmaster and Mistweaver)
    Druid (Feral, Boomkin and Guardian)
    Priest (All Specs)
    Shaman (All Specs)
    Paladin (Retribution)
    Death Knight (All Specs)
    Warlock (All Specs)

    Raid Times: Monday-Thursday 8:00-12:00pm EST
    Loot Type: Loot Council (Based off attendance and performance)
    Progression: 9/12 ToT, 6/6 Heroic MSV, 3/6 Heroic HOF, 4/4 ToES

    Please apply on our forums: http://immortality-sc.enjin.com/

    You may also respond to this post, message me, private message any of our officers in game or add me via REAL ID:


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    Bump for justice.

    Also an update on progression:

    3/12 H ToT, we cleared the remaining normal mode and also Jin'Rohk, Tortos and Ji'Kun on heroic.

    Classes needed are about the same, ranged dps is desired but all exceptional applicants will be considered.

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