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    Still LFM quality players!
    Hug thy tree.

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    Now 10/13! Let's see those apps.

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    Updated! Still looking for solid recruits!
    Hug thy tree.

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    Updated with our current needs!
    Hug thy tree.

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    Still LFM quality applicants!
    Hug thy tree.

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    Need a new allstar for Ub's videos!
    Hug thy tree.

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    Still looking for a solid tank!
    Hug thy tree.

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    Still need a tank!
    Hug thy tree.

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    Still LFM! PST one of the officers in-game with any questions.
    Hug thy tree.

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    Still need some solid tanks!
    Hug thy tree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lacerta View Post
    Still need some solid tanks!
    Still need a tank?

    "I am Rei Shen, prease!!"

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    Lei Shen dead!
    Hug thy tree.

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    Updated, still looking for more.
    Hug thy tree.

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    Ra-den dead in 8 attempts. Good work. Still seeking a tank and a few dps for gear farming and going into 5.4 strong.

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    Still seeking some more players!
    Hug thy tree.

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