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    Guild Wars 2 Stumbles Hard Against The Competition

    Two things to kick this off, first off, anyone that says the game is thriving with its FULL and HIGH populated servers are lying to themselves. 2 developers on the official forums stated its 'bound accounts' not 'currently loggeed in population' and anyone that sees their FULL sever fluctuate is simply having people moving to other servers. refute all you want but its from the mouths of the horsies themselves.

    the second and most pertinent thing is that a couple of far better mmos have recently slashed their subscriptions in favour of a more b2p (possibly pay to win) scenario.

    Try not to claim gw2 beats out the following games because in the end personal preference is everything and only Star Wars was considered a true flop but inlight of that the population since it went f2p has steadily increased.

    - Star Wars TOR = completely f2p, no start up cost but game is heavily restricted outside of storyline
    - The Secret World = brilliant and somewhat niche mmo which is still a personal fave has slashed their sub fee
    - Tera Online = Another epic mmo with unique combat has gone B2P with no sub-fee
    - Age Of Wushu = Soon to be released martial art mmo (currently in beta and looks and plays as polished as any western retail release ive seen, graphics surpassing GW2 and more inline with how gorgeous Tera is)
    - Continent of the Ninth = Another free to play MMO again with graphics up there with Tera Online. has TRUE action combat.
    - Phantasy Star Online 2 = Was in the japanese beta, another true action combat mmo, graphics not quite as good as Tera but hold its own due to its art style.
    - Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn = Was in the Alpha, game is a complete rebuilt engine on all fronts, combat is old school but fantastic, graphics, sound and immersion is a true entry to the final fantasy library
    - ArcheAge = one of the few sandbox mmos out there with graphics surpassing Tera Online (uses cryengine 3). build your own houses, boats, castles, create your own faction and conquer other players lands
    - The Elder Scrolls Online = After seeing recent footage this game i feel will be epic to be on the ground level with. one megaserver, combat much like what we find in the current ES games with graphics to match, will be a masterpiece.

    so, in light of ALL of these games, how is it that GW2 was supposed to be number 1? a statement mike o'brien claimed, a revolution in mmo design which clearly wasnt.

    the question really is, what hope does gw2 have? it certainly doesnt match most of the list in terms of graphics, immersion of replayability.

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