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    But this finally ends the martyrdom of the rogue with no slow weapon in any kind of epic quality. It is horrible design if you do more damage with daggers as combat because of blade flurry than stay in your spec you have the weapon for...

    But i cannot fathom why they did not include the bonus of the legendary daggers as standard for all daggers. It was nicely balanced in comparison to the alternative slow weapons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coldkil View Post
    Actually no.

    2 target cleave is surely nerfed, but if the damage is buffed to 40% still the cleave will be favorable instead of focusing on single target.

    If you have 4 target cleave and all of them are staying 100% of the time in melee range, well, combat will outperform assa by a long margin - Assa aoe is effective only when you have 5+ targets.

    This anyway will make combat still the cleave king spec and i don't see any rogue with a brain switching from it for a cleave fight.
    I like that they took the time to explain that they are iterating on this still. I'm a bit calmer seeing it adjusted upwards but I still think the nerf is a bit severe looking at the dps difference between specs/classes on a fight like Garalon where BF isn't that OP at all.

    However, the nerf doesn't really solve the problems with BF from a rogue perspective.

    1. If combat's cleave remains competitive while nothing is done for assassination or sub cleave then combat will still be the spec of choice for cleave fights.
    2. BF is still a toggle that gives you more damage while doing less.

    All the while creating a new problem for tanks: keeping 5 targets within melee range of your rogues for cleave.

    I wish they'd just redo it completely and include the other specs as well. An active choice between SS/mut/etc and a cleave ability would be more interesting and has more potential to be tailored to each spec.

    Assassination has been my favorite spec since Wrath for reasons I can't really explain. I guess I like the flow of it more than the button mashing style of Combat. Having to spec combat to be competitive has always irked me (Hi most of Cata) but I do like to have the option of performing top dps.

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