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    lfr and higher ilvl

    is it just me or has the ilvl something to do with long queue's for lfr?

    last night i queued for lfr with my rogue which has an ilvl of 486 and took me 50min to get 1. then when i was done i queued with my lock which has an ilvl of 465 and i got in within 10min.
    never waited this long on my rogue :S

    (had something similar on hcs)

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    Probably it is random. As with my 470ish hunter and 490ish feral I get the same lengthy queues. ToES ones are around 30ish mins for me, the rest are bit less. For me, it is not gear dependent, rather time of day is what matters.
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    LFR queues have to do with time of day, and day of the week. You're far more likely to get shorter queues in the first day or two of the lockout, then probably Fri or Sat night. Latenight can be a nightmare, because healers are so scarce these days.

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    I've noticed that if I solo que for LFR on the latter instances Terrace and the last half of HoF I wait much longer than MSV. I personally attribute this to the staggered ilvl requirements and that less people will have geared alt looking to do the last half. Add to that the valor boost the normal bosses got its not really a needed thing to have do all 5 sections of LFR to cap anymore. Whatever the reason I've never gotten into Terrace or back half of HoF in under 40 minutes no matter when I que.

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