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    Elemental PvP: Frost Shock VS Flame Shock (5.2) Frozen Power


    Before you chime in with noob... I haven't really played my shaman since the talent change at the end of Cata.

    But given the fact that lava blast crits without the help of flame shock, would it be better to use frost shock with a root instead.

    I mean obviously its situational. If you've got free reign to open up the extra damage would be better, but i'm just thinking that in times where its 1v1 or youve got a melee all up in your biznass that you might be able to get better advantage of frozen power now.


    I DID go through some of the 5.2 elemental threads... none of them were really addressing this specific question it though.

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    FS still increases the dmg of Lvb by 50%, that's huge, even though Lvb auto crits now, the Auto Crit is pretty weak as it got the 33% initial nerf and is missing the 50% buff from FS.

    Earthgrab remains a better option as it not kills your dmg and WW is superior in terms of support.

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    Frozen Power seems tempting to get. If they would take shocks off the same cooldown, then it would definitely be the best choice to get. But like Kralljin said, Earthgrab remains the better option.

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