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    New rogue 4set

    Shadow Blades reduce the cost of all abilities by 40%

    Does this mean adrenaline rush for assassination?

    Does this mean AR is not good to use with SB for combat as you'll have too much energy?

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    Shadow Blades is still best used during Adrenaline Rush, because it buffs your auto attack damage while also giving you additional combo points for more eviscerates. It's just a bad set-bonus for Combat.

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    Good burst of damage overall.

    Faster playstyle - more spamming; for assassination it's a sensible thing, for combat it could lead to energy capping due to the use of AR + SB over an increase of haste. Not completely sure if it's a risk for sub too, but it doesn't seem the case.

    Dps increase? Check. Not a good mechanic anyway - it's a replica of the TotT set bonus, just with a longer CD and a bigger effect.
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    It'll just make Mastery stronger than it is currently. It already becomes within .2 EP by the end of the tier.

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    I'll close this as we're going to see some thread proliferation around changes and new information coming up.

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