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    Annual pass auto renew???

    About a year ago I bought the annual pas with the 2x 6 months option. When I read about the annual pass it was made very clear that it would I would only be billed twice, for each 6 months. But to my suprise I found out that it didnt stop there, and that after my annual pass was over, blizzard billed me for ANOTHER 6 months and now I'm stuck to another 6 months of subscription that I never wanted!

    They billed it at the start of december 2012 and I had already stopped playing WoW by than.

    Isn't it a bit odd that they bill me for another 6 months without my consent? and is there undo this payment?

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    If you pay with credit card it will be taxed unless you manually remove it, as quite clearly told in the process.

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    You should have cancelled your payment. Your fault there.

    A way to cancelit ? Difficult, but try calling them.

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    Open a support ticket in Battle.net that you never intended for it to auto renew, pointing out information at the time led you to believe it was 2 payments and no more. They will begin proceedings to freeze your account and refund you the remaining unplayed game time, if not the entire amount. They are usually pretty good about this, as I have had to ask Blizz twice after my sub auto renewed without my say so.

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    Strange, when my Annual pass ran out I had to resub to keep on playing even tho I was already on a rolling payment. EU here btw.

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    Congratulations on your lifetime pass. There are lots of dailies waiting for you and a Diablo II add-on in early 2017.

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    If you subscribed with the 6-months option, it is your responsibility to cancel your subscription. Subscriptions always renew. There is no such option to buy a certain amount of game-time (excluding game cards) without a renewing subscription.

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    I recently talked to Blizzard about this issue. I got charged for 3 months after my annual pass expired. They refunded me all the money without any issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hallufauz View Post
    If you subscribed with the 6-months option, it is your responsibility to cancel your subscription. Subscriptions always renew.
    ^^ This!

    When you enter your credit card details, you are clearly made aware, that payments are reoccurring automatically.
    You can even see the next payment as "Pending", in the payment history, so you know, down to the minute, when next payment occurs (and thus last chance to cancel it)...

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    This is the auto payment system it applies when u use a credit*/debit card to purchase. u must always remember to cancel payment so it does not automatically bill you.. this has nothing to do with the annual system.

    But you can call them about the issue and u will be refunded account will be unplayable until u purchase some kind of game time.

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    The Annual pass was just an agreement to stay playing (and paying) for the next 12 months for which you got Diablo3, wow mount etc etc. However as pointed out above when you subscribe to the game then payments will keep coming out until either you remove your details, Cancel your sub or your card expired.

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