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    Unhappy Taran Zhu voice file

    Hiya folks, im looking for a file from one of the boss in wow, but i cant seem to find it. I'm looking for the taran zhu boss in shado-pan when he say blablabla the shado-pan are mine come and die by my hands. i opened winmpk searched every taran zhu sound in the speech, its simply not here, please help XD

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    Not sure if this is kind of discussion is even allowed here... (mods/admins - feel free to delete my post if it is).

    The MPQ file you need to search:
    World of Warcraft\Data\enUS\expansion4-speech-enUS.MPQ
    - Replace enUS with your locale if not enUS.

    The sound file inside the MPQ file:

    Then again, there are addons that make use of audio files in MPQs to play specific sounds on-demand (and are still Blizzard OK'd), so I can't really see knowing the location of the file as a bannable offense or breaching the Terms of Service. That's going along the lines of accepting and understanding that so as long as you don't modify the file, replace the file, or use it for any other means (ie: don't put it on YouTube or in a video), you should be good? ie: don't hack/exploit/cheat/YouTube/etc...

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    I'm curious what you want it for?
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    lol just doing a mini movie that about it, thanks finally found it ^^ that why i couldnt find it lol it was in sha of hatred :P

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