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    Time Delay Announcement macros?

    Can anyone tell me what addon or macro can announce when An ability has ended? I know that we can add a "/y line" at the beginning of a macro to announce to the raid that a CD has been activated BUT I have seen announcements from other players when their ability ends. I know things like Droodfocus and weakauras can tell ME this information but I'm looking for ways I can announce it to the raid or whisper my healers so that I'm not speaking over anyone in Vent/Mumble.

    Any thoughts?

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    ^ Would let you do this manually in your own macros, I don't know what the addons are that automate it though.

    For example:

    /cast Devotion Aura
    /y Devotion Aura Used!
    /in 6 /y Devotion Aura faded!

    edit: This probably would've been better off in the interface & macros forum.
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    There is an addon for all this: RSA - Raeli's Spell Announcer


    Its great, used it since Cata. Needs a touch of Tweeking so you dont announce "Barkskin Used" every 1min, but other than that its the all-in-one Tool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spiralphoenix View Post

    edit: This probably would've been better off in the interface & macros forum.
    Thanks for the quick responses and you are probably right but I spend so much time on these forums that I get tunnel vision and disregard the others.

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