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    best race for pvp resto shammy

    give me your opinions i cant decide myself ty

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    Goblin - small size, interesting racials. Unless you're alliance... worgen leatherworkers for self made pvp gear is pretty decent too.

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    Dwarf for stoneform if alliance.
    No idea for horde.

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    tauren ofc

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    Honestly the race isn't going to affect your performance that much. Go with what looks good to you.

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    As a Tauren, I find war stomp very useful in both PvE and PvP! Pesky Warriors, War Stomp+Thunderstorm sends them flying helplessly!

    Note that I don't actually PvP much, but annoying alliance out in the world have tasted my wrath.

    Still, go with what you like the look of. I see all racials as useful in one situation or the other.
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