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    PS3 Turtle beach headset question.

    So i recently purchased a cheap but reliable £10 bluetooth headset for my ps3 but i'm looking into buying some turtle beaches. My only questions are, 1) are they actually worth the money paid for (are the more expensive ones alot more improved for the price or..?) and 2) Will they improve my gaming/experience at all? I'll mainly be using for Black ops 2 as that's what i play mostly at the minute. Thanks, though this might be the wrong forum for this question.

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    I have tried 2 different kinds of headsets on my own and my friends PS3. (they were around 50-100e range, another one was Turtle beach and another one something else) I am quite sure I had them installed correctly, but they were making irritating buzzing sound. (like when you put radio on and it doesn't find any channel)

    I don't recommend.

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    Turtle Beach headsets are pretty amazing, unless you buy the cheapest one. Years ago i got the x41 and it was amazing. Increased my game performance tremendously, and they still work today. In fact, i stopped playing and sold them to my neighbor. But considering the price, i only really recommend them if you are serious about gaming and play often enough for it to be worth it.

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