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    How should i balance my Dodge -> Parry %'s? Help me please.

    Hello there dear community.

    First of all, let me start by saying that i've read the guides (both here and in icy-veins etc) and i get the formulas to calculate how much parry i should aim for based on my dodge % etc.

    The thing is...When i check other Blood DK tanks armories, they do not respect that formula at all... So i'm confused.

    Please help me.

    My armory is the following:


    Please Keep in mind that i use this char for soloing, doing some old raids, heroics dungeons, basicly...relax when im not raiding on my holy pala (current main).

    So there is no need for it to be 110% stat perfect.

    My question is only so i can understand the dodge -> parry, calculations and how should i make them.

    Also, if i use the calculation the dodge*2,757-5.yadayada it says i need around 9% parry (since im not using swordshattering). My dodge is 7.57%.

    And when i go to other blood dk's armories i see them with 9ish% dodge and 19ish% parry.

    Hence my confusion.

    Please help me Masters.
    Kind Regards,

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    Dodge hits diminishing returns faster than parry. You see people at 9 and 19 because they can reforge X amount of dodge into Y amount of Parry and get more parry than they were for dodge. The formula is the minimum, I also believe that the parry gap grows exponentially in comparison to dodge so you may have 7.5 and 9% but 9% and 19% might be closer to what the formula suggest.

    If you could take 200 dodge and put it into 200 parry and it increased your parry by 1.5% but only reduced your dodge by .5% wouldn't you do that too?

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    The formula is all well and good if you don't compromise elsewhere to balance them. At the moment mastery is sooooo far and away better many simply ignore messing about with avoidance and just pimp mastery>hit>exp>haste.

    Imo worrying about avoidance ratio's at the moment is purely academic. The ratio's were Theck's MOP beta work I believe, and even Pala's don't really care about it as things have turned out.

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    Because it's irrelevant. Avoidance is our least desirable stat...

    Mastery > Hit and expertise to 7.5% > Parry > Dodge, this is 3 stats, so every item will be reforged to one of those things.

    Items this tier are heavier on the dodge, so it's unavoidable the ridiculous ratios people have.


    Here's what i mean.

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    I see. Thank you so much for th insight on the subject.

    Much appreciated for your time.

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