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    Question SecureActionButtonTemplate, cancelaura and hiding in combat..

    soo.. i normaly dont have problems when making stuff in Lua for my personal addons, But now for the first time i havent been able to find a answer on the net, been searching for days >_<

    Im making a buff window, using the SecureActionButtonTemplate, and SetAttribute("type" ,"cancelaura"). But because it is a secure button Im unable to hide/show this window when in combat. I first thaught i was just missing something, like the SecureUnitButtonTemplate got a RegisterUnitWatch(frame) function to auto hide/show the frame if the assigned unit is shown. Anyway if there is a code like this for Aura's(buffs), or anyone knows the correct Attributes to set and handle it to show/hide in combat i would be realy happy. Ive looked at blizzard's buff frame, but they seem to be running it all securely so theyr show/hide code is basically what i would do, except mine isent secure, so works wonder outside of combat.

    This is the first time im ever making a post about programming asking for help.
    Any pointers/sudjestions.. Hell, even theorys >_<. I realy got to know, realy stuck here

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    As far as I'm aware, you need to use SecureAuraHeader and let it dynamically create buttons in combat. However, I've never done much work with it myself and there doesn't seem too much documentation about it - the best thing I've been able to find is this thread on the WoWI forums.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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    Thank you..! this did the trick, had to rewrite my code for buffs though.

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