So for the past half year I've had a project from school to do basically whatever I want and I decided to go with something that I enjoy, playing World of Warcraft!
Got alot of critique for picking it but I decided to ride the storm.. But now about a month before it's due I've realized that I'm yet to barely start!

I've been working and messing around with modelviewer/vegas to do some stuff but it ends up not being what I expect it to since I'm pretty bad with Vegas and I ended up changing it to making it mostly a picture machinima (so to speak). Where as I use pictures and then proceed to stylize them abit etc and come out with a "comic" result (see Kenwood 3 / Bebep fire 'n' destruction). So what I do need is voiceacting.. My voice is horrible for these kinds of things which is why I turned to to MMO community!

^Backstory, can skip if wanted^

So I'm looking for voiceactors for a couple of set roles so far (will create more characters as the story progresses, havn't done alot of the project yet)

Bloodelf Male (2-3 sentences, minor character)
Orc Male (2-3 sentences, minor character)
Undead Male 1 (Main character, alot of lines)
Undead Male 2 (Main character, decent amount of lines)
Goblin Male (10-15 sentences, minor character)

I'll gladly respond to anyone, you voice doesn't have to match that well but aslong as your english is decent it's always worth a shot!
As I said, will be adding more characters later so even if you don't feel that any of these characters are for you, there will be more opportunities later, so if you decide that you want to keep up to date PM me here and I'll add you on skype and send you updates whenever I make new ones! (I'll only be making female characters if I get contacted by someone with a female voice since it's quite hard to find).

If there's anything you want to know about the "movie" you can just ask any questions in this thread, also if you want some character added etc etc. I'll be responding asap!

Sneakpeak preview: