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    Lightbulb Fix my DPS please!

    Hey guys currently im sitting at 495 ilvl gear, playing assasination on most fights. Currently in a progression 25 man guild with a few hm's under our belt, and i am currently on trial . I feel that my dps is quite low and i should be able to squeeze more based on my gear. I can read logs fairly ok i think (the basic stuff) but i was wondering if you guys can help me squeeze out more dps and let me know if its a rotational problem/gear/something i am completely fckng up stuff like that.. any help/advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

    us.battle.net/wow/en/character/frostmourne/Chucks/advanced (armory)

    here are a few logs:
    worldoflogs.com/reports/0qz2mk8m2l0s0lub/sum/damageDone/?s=14&e=391 (Protector Toes Hard)

    worldoflogs.com/reports/x009nok3rmyes31t/ (MV 10N pugged this)

    worldoflogs.com/reports/dmyljwz6roeposwn/ (HOF 25 last week)

    really appreciate it guys. tysm in advance
    and sorry i cant post up links yet

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    Quickly looked at Garalon HC and Empress normal.
    Falling SnD, random 2nd pot (used without any insight stacks, 40 sec after AR + SB), forgetting to toggle BF off when there's no leg up, forgetting to turn it on (or not cleaving it fast enough) sometimes you not positioning yourself properly for cleave at all, no killing spree at all (learn to use it in LFR).
    That's for Garalon. 120k is really low.

    For empress nothing standing out, apart from vendetta and SB not used during time warp + 2nd pot.

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    wowarmory is fudged, you got pvp on.

    Okay I'm trying to look for a static fight that's kind of independent of other people, here's my log for will of the emperor (similar times):


    1) First thing I noticed was your envenom buff is bad, I mean terrible (37% vs 60%) . Maybe you're clipping it badly, I'm not sure, you want much higher uptime on that.

    2) Rupture uptime is lower as well, maybe you took forever to down the adds, but it still seems to low. Rupture is exceptionally important and is supposed to be up all the time.

    Other than that it looks okay, it's hard to tell without being there.

    One final tip:

    Take the feint talent and use it all the time (a lot of people complain at how rogues don't get included, this is your number 1 reason). It will lower your dps but your healers will recognize you and put it a good word.

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