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    Advice for Best Strategy For Gearing This Late in 5.1


    Long-time WoW PVPer here that just restarted his sub in November and is obviously behind in gear. I have full honor gear and 2 malevolent pieces (head/shoulders), but now I need to save for two weeks to have 7250 conquest for the season for my weapon and now I'm kind of "stuck". Should I just hoard conquest and honor right now or continue trying to gather Malevolent pieces as I can hoping to hit the ground running in 5.2? I'm running into a massive gear imbalance right now and with these imposed "must acquire 7250 conquest before you can get a weapon" roadblocks it's quite frustrating in the arena.

    Any advice would be helpful and I'll be happy to send you my character and server to look him over if you would like.

    Thank you!

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    buy what you can and have max honor for next season, you want catch up on gear and conquest won't carry over to next season.

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    The best would be:
    1st week - get a 1750 piece (shoulders, belt, boots, trinket)
    2nd week - save
    3rd week - save
    4th week - Get PVP weapon and upgrade it

    Since you already got 2 pieces, just get the weapon now and upgrade it next week. Once you get your pvp weapon, the best to do would be to practice so that you are a better player next season. Just do bgs and random arenas with people willing to cap. Some days I've helped 3-4 random guys cap 2s for points and it's a good experience since you get to make friendships and try comps.

    During the pre-patch week there will most likely be higher ilvl malevolent gear (probably just a few levels higher) and all gear will be normalized for the new season. So now just have fun and become better.

    Feel free to link your char, I'd help if I can with gems/reforging etc...

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    I have simply given up pvp until 5.2 in hopes that the changes make pvp gearing less retarded for those of us coming into MoP late for whatever reasons. Expansion had already been out 2 months when I started back, and I'm not going to subject others to carrying someone that dies to 1 dps in half the duration of a stun.

    Been playing since Vanilla and I've never seen max level pvp in such a sad state. I just give this season the same treatment as season 5; ignore it's existence altogether.

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    Been playing since Vanilla and I've never seen max level pvp in such a sad state. I just give this season the same treatment as season 5; ignore it's existence altogether.
    completley agree, however if you have been playing since vanilla then you would surely remember rogues and hunters simply one shotting anything thats starring at them and full duration CC's....that was the worst state :P

    and as for tbc - when arena was released, am i the only one that doesn't look back with rose tinted glasses? the PvP was good sure, but SL/SL, RMP dominating the ladders within a simple ''open and kill it'' could go on....but i wont :P


    i would get as much gear as possible, whatever you get now you'll make it easier for yourself in 5.2 pre-season so make sure you get the weapons and the most expensive pieces you can, remember some peices (legs and hands?) can drop from Sha so get those last just in case the WoW RNG god is smiling on you.

    i honestly would ignore upgrading weapons until last or when you have spare points an you WILL have spare points at some point,

    I reckon 1-2months before 5.2 is out so you have a good chance of getting around 17600 QP's provind you get the 2.2 cap form RBGS and more if you go for a higher cap in either RBG or arena.

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    You want a serious answer? Win trading in RBGs. I'd never do it, but good luck.

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