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    [A] <nerdcraft> 25m 2 day raiding guild (2/6 H MSV) (16/16 N) LF DPS & Healer

    Guild site: nerdcraftguild.com
    Server: Magtheridon <PVP>, EST. BG: <Ruin/BG3>


    2/6 MSV Heroic
    6/6 HoF Normal
    4/4 ToES Normal

    Currently looking for:

    Ret. Paladin - HIGH need, we have none!
    Frost DK - HIGH need, we have none!
    Hunter - HIGH need, we only have one.
    Warlock - HIGH need, we only have one.

    Holy Paladin - HIGH need, we have none!

    We are full on warriors, rogues, feral druids, and mages. We supply feasts for raids and pay for all repairs.

    Raid times: (25-man)


    Tuesday 8-12 EST
    Wednesday 8-12 EST

    We will do 10 mans however, on off nights for those interested.

    The above times are mandatory and we expect high attendance due to the two-night schedule.
    Please do not apply if you are unable to consistently make these two nights.

    EPGP is used for mainspec loot. Off-spec loot is free.

    Guild history:
    <nerdcraft> was formed in the first month of Vanilla WoW on Thunderlord. Our raiding core has always been small and consists of individuals who have raided together for many years. We raided all Vanilla content up to original Naxx KT and all content up to the middle of Sunwell in BC. We transferred to Gul'dan midway through Vanilla to get away from some pretty terrible lag, then transferred to Magtheridon in BC when Gul'dan became a ghost town.

    We only raid a 2-night raid schedule, to do so we expect our raiders to know what they are doing. We value situational awareness, a sense of humor, and the ability to accept criticism and learn from your mistakes.

    How to apply:
    Register and post an application on our site. (nerdcraftguild.com). If you have any questions, you can contact one of our officers in game:
    Childlabor (BananaStack#1140), Emmakyn (Emmakyn#1368), Freepurptues, or Arkkas

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    Yep pre-football daily bump.

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    Really could use another good, reliable healer!

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    Friendly neighborhood bump!

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