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    Getting Drunk off the Elements Come Relax and Share a Story =)

    A little bit history of my shaman and I,

    I had a hard time choosing a character to level to 70 back in BC and never got to 70 because of that and missed out on a lot of fun experiences.
    Come WOTLK and I leveled a DK to 60 and it did not feel right, I missed the healing spec! I knew I wanted a healer. So jump forward to the TOGC patch and I finally got one character to max level and started my journey!

    Got into my first raid and completely butchered it haha, I was oom in about 30 seconds of the fight. A shaman in the pug that was healing with me whispered me and was not a complete dick but a big help. He sat afterwards in vent and gave me a TON of information and I took every note to heart. And it felt awesome to learn from a complete stranger and knowing they are taking their time to better one player in the PUG world to make pugs easier =).

    I became really addicted to my shaman in ICC as far as going against the curb. I remember applying for my first 'real' raiding guild and they turned me down for using the Stoneclaw glyph back in ICC and I loved having my own personal little bubble. However I kept going strong on my shaman and spamming that Chain heal!.

    I loved those times and in cata, I think we had a huge hiccup as a class because we had no real special umph like others had.
    They got it right in MOP though =) I am loving the new outlook of shamans instead of CH bots and such =) I love managing the recall and HST for free manas =) Feels worth it once you get it flowing!

    That is my story. What are some expieriences that helped shape you as a shaman in any spec =)

    I would love some insight on how every one else feels about their Shaman, share a story and drop down a few good memories of the old times with your shaman =)

    This thread is just to gather insight on how others feel, to rekindle my inner fire elemental again =).

    PS* What would go great with the Scarlet Monastery shield from pre MOP? I have the tabard shield =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by velspine View Post
    I am loving the new outlook of shamans instead of CH bots and such =) I love managing the recall and HST for free manas =) Feels worth it once you get it flowing!
    I don't know, I preferred the Chain Heal spam over the UE+Healing Rain & HST crap that is now in MoP.

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    My shaman was my first level 60 in vanilla. Initially played as a 2h enh (unstoppable force + lucky crits = globaling a clothie). Joined my first guild and raided resto with another shaman who hit 60 at the same time (am still friends with him to this day). Managed to only clear BWL before TBC came out when I switched to shadow priest until I gave the game up shortly before BT was released. Came back in wotlk on my shaman still gemming for Mp5 thinking it was good until i quickly realized full haste + spamming CH was the only way to go. Needless to say it was cool to easily hit high #'s but very boring and one dimensional.

    Founded a guild on our medium/low pop server (Executus-US) at the end of Wotlk and have nursed it all through cata to the point where we cleared 7/7 FL (rag just after 4.3) and 8/8 DS @ 10% nerf. Now we're going strong at 9/16h, with 10/16h hopefully happening by the end of this raid week. I truly love the way shaman play and am much more satisfied with the play style than I ever have been. Shaman feels like my class and I have grown very attached to it.

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    For me it would be my enh Shaman (named Thud at the time) in TBC. Ohhh AV was a BLAST with him. Will never forget there was a war at the halfway point, me and this horde shaman kept going after each other, killed each other at the same time twice in a row. Then, we happened to run into each other over some random hill (same AV), both dismounted, buffed ourselves, /bow to each other, and charged. Right before impact...game ended :*(
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