Unknown Entity has been around since early 2005 and was one of the oldest international guilds in the World of Warcraft on the Sunstrider EU PvP realm, now residing in Sylvanas. The majority of our players are oldschool players, who have played Vanilla thoroughly and some going as far as to have partaken in the closed Beta. We're constantly striving to offer a highly tuned balance between top end progression and a well progressed community that would suit all of our members.

Currently, we're looking for the last few members to bolster our raiding roster for the remainder of tier 14 and for the upcoming tier 15

Recruitment Status:
We are currently recruiting:

Tank: Monk , Warrior

DPS: Death Knight , Balance Druid

Healers: Monk , Druid , Paladin

Raiding Times
Our raids start at around 19:00/19:15 and end at 23:00 server time, 5 days a week (Sunday to Thursday).

Time at the weekend is utilised for additional content such as PvP or 10 man runs, or just simply not logging on.

Progress : (http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/...ting.tier14_25)
- Tier 7: Clear with Glory of the Raider, realm first Sarth and realm first Naxx.
- Tier 8: Clear including realm first Yogg0(25), and Algalon(25)
- Tier 9: Clear including Tribute to Insanity(25)
- Tier 10: 12/12 down in ICC25HM, 12/12 in ICC10HM
- Filler: Halion HM down in both (10) and (25)
- Tier 11: 13/13 down in 25HC
- Tier 12: 7/7 down in FL25HC
- Tier 13: 8/8 down in DS25HC

- Tier 14:

HC: Will of the Emperors (25) 11/12/2012

HC: Grand Empress Shek'zeer (25) 20/01/2013

HC: Lei Shi (25) 13/01/2013
HC: Protectors of the Endless (25) 24/01/2013
HC: Tsulong (25) 07/02/2013

What we will be expecting from you:
- Activity, the ability to raid with at least an +70% activity.
- Know your class thoroughly, keeping up with the latest theory and specs.
- Have a stable connection with a stable computer, we don’t want to waste time and tries with you being offline.
- Have gear that is suitable for current content, fully enchanted and gemmed as best possible, we aren't going to backtrack to boost your gear just so you can barely compete with us in healing/tanking/dps.
- Preparation, turning up to every raid with consumables and knowledge of current content.
- Good quality of both written and spoken English.
- Mumble must be installed on your system, microphones aren't a necessity but are strongly recommended.
- The ability to follow orders, we are an organised guild and expect orders to be carry out once being told.
- You need to be 16 years or older, with a mature attitude to the game and other players.

How to apply
Go to http://www.unknown-entity.com/ for more information and post an application, or feel free to contact any member in game, who will be able to point you towards an officer.