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    H <Pääesikunta> - Bloodfeather (finnish) 16/16 hc 10 man

    Pääesikunta, finnish 10man guild.

    Classes we need:

    Highly interested in increasing our raiding roster. Mage and Priest spots are kinda full, and highest need is on a holy paladin. All in all need moar peeps.

    But if you're awesome, we might give you a chance. Apply if you feel you're the bestest.

    Our raiding times:

    Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday.
    Tuesday possibly when doing progress, not 100% sure.

    We start at 19:00 local time and stop around 23:00.

    Who we are:

    - Pääesikunta was founded few months into 4.2, some people rerolled for certain classes and what not, so the first week we geared up people and started to get a foothold in the Firelands.
    - We aim to be a top guild on this realm.
    - Officers are experienced raiders, some started as early as Vanilla and some of us have cleared 13/13 HM on tier 11.
    - We're not too hardcore, but we're not too casual either

    What we want from you:

    - Not to be a total fucktard
    - Dedicated person who gives his/her 110% when it comes to raiding
    - Experienced raider! We don't want someone who recently started raiding, no. We hope that the applicants have already seen HC raiding back in WotLK and beyond.
    - Having irl is a good thing, we don't want to put raids above real life. But if you pass too many raids for real life activities, then you should really reconcider if this is the guild for you.
    -It's best if you're a social person and you don't get easily sad when the mean officers yell at you when (not if, when) you fuck up.

    What we offer:

    - Quality raiding and decent progress without 5 raids per week that last for 6 hours.
    - Fair loot system (Loot Council, where we check who actually needs/deserves the said item, Or if we're lazy, we roll)
    - A chance to be a part of a super awesome group of no lifers. (Some of us are no lifers, but many of us have real life outside Wow)
    - Best stand up humor there is, mature male sex and so on.

    For extra information, whisper either Eniel, Tomikuuswee, Kekefini or Zapzapzap, or anyone if you don't see us online, for opportunity for a chat if you're interested to apply.

    Website: paaesikunta.org

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    Spotteja auki. Palttiarallaa jokainen parkkiruutu vielä auki. Ahtaimmat tontit päästä on magen ja papin paikoilla. Monkkia ja roguja rosterissa nolla. Holy/Prot palalle suurin tarve.

    Ja näitä perinteisiä rekrytekstejä.
    Tarjolla servun ykköstontteja kaadoissa, tilastoissa ja saunapaikoilla. Lootin päällekin ehtii vielä ennen viiskakkosta. Muutama odotusarvo löytyy kiltaan hakevilta totta perkele. Juicet ja hokinaitit älkööt vaivautuko. Tyhjillä pattereilla tulo melko suorilta evättyä myös. Tekijämiehet classi/ bossiosaamisilla särmine applyineen mahdollisilla logeilla kiinnostaa aina ja erityisesti nyt.

    Jos kolisi ja alko tärinä niin toteuta apply. Lisäinfot saa ja sopii kyräillä osoitteessa /w Tomikuuswee tahi kyselemällä sikariporrasta.

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    kipeimmin tarvis saada rosterii tankki tai/ja healeri 5.2 kolkuttelee ovelle jo

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