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    [Alliance] Spiritus Asper on Nordrassil EU is recruiting PvE/PvP players!


    Spiritus Asper is an adult 18+ alliance guild on the nordrassil server.It was created during pandaria. The core of the guild has been build around people that have been playing wow on and off since the beginning of vanilla, and have been friends for years. As a result of that most of us have a lot of experience with raiding and/or PVP. Our aim was to create a relaxed PVE /PVP guild with a lot of room for the social aspect. A guild in which respect for eachother and the whole wow community is the most important thing. This however doesn’t mean we don’t take our raids and rbgs serious. Knowledge, persistance and dedication are the 3 keywords if you want to join our raid or rbg teams.

    We raid 2 times a week: Wednesday and Sunday. Starting at 20.00 till 11.00
    We use Suicide King for lootdistribution, because we think it’s the fairest way to devide loot. This system rewards the most active raiders more, but still gives less active member chance on loot, without interference of the opinion of officers or the GM.
    Aim: Kill as much bosses as we can while still maintaining a relaxed atmosphere.

    bg’s and arena’s: daily
    rbg’s: 2 times a week
    Aim: Weekly cap conquest points and get our ratings as high as possible

    Friday brings us back to old raids, achievments, pet /mount hunting and other fun idea’s we think think off.
    Aim: have as much fun as possible in a slightly drunken atmosphere

    Do all these things apply to you and can you handle a mature sence of humor?
    Don’t hesitate to apply then

    Apply at: http://spiritusasper.tk/
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    Bumping with updated recruitment status:

    Our PvE team is currently full on Melee DPS and Tanks. Healers and ranged is needed.

    Our PvP team still needs more members, applications is recieved with gratitude.

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    Still looking for more players.

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    We're currently in need of a tank with a DPS offspecc and two ranged DPS.

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    After finally getting enough members to do a 100% guild run, we killed 6/6 MSV and 2/6 HoF one one of our two raid nights!

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